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Dude. I don’t know why you decided to try and make me seem like a mean person lol. Literally nobody has heard of a “late night drink” if you meant “what’s your favorite alcohol” then I would’ve understood but the fact that you felt insulted because I didn’t spend more time trying to decipher your question instead of telling you to shut the hell up like anybody else would is a bit fragile bro. I don’t read user names in chat and I have no idea who you are. Anybody could’ve asked that question and would’ve gotten the same response. I’m not sure if there’s something mentally happening here that would make you feel hurt by a complete stranger because he didn’t answer a weird question the way you wanted but I really hope you work that out dude. Also. My wife didn’t try to “play it down” she didn’t understand your question either and she was done with the whole thing so she figured “water” would satisfy whatever you needed to not go further into it. It was a weird question. Nobody got in...

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