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4s how is everybody doing it's going to see
6s what's going on Saucy boy um thank you
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10s Boven uh ZIP C uh Alessio calvera and
15s double pump was the last time from last
16s night
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54s uh let's go try to well I think it
55s started 21 month threesome walk back I
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59s amazon.com Prime
69s I should fix my face game
71s listen I think it's pretty good
75s hey I'm top 1000 still let's go
80s I kind of just want to play aim lab dude
83s sounds such a bad warm-up I'm gonna do
85s aim lab
88s an hour late was I doing honestly I was
90s cleaning uh my house like part of my
93s house so like we're going through
96s like every room of the house and just
98s like you know basically just [ __ ]
100s flipping everything out and then just
102s like reorganizing everything because
105s we moved in like almost two years ago
108s now like whatever a year nine months
112s so it's kind of the thing where it's
114s like oh like over the past year in my
116s months have been like remodeling so it's
118s like oh we're remodeling this room so
120s like okay with it take everything out
121s and then it gets like just jammed into
123s another room
125s you know
127s so that's kind of what's been happening
129s and things are just like
131s not as organized as they should be
133s basically so we've just been like taking
134s the time like
136s every day we just been doing like one
138s room at a time and we go through the
140s whole thing and
141s that go through the whole thing
145s take everything out
147s organize it put everything back in
150s I need to go in a different room put it
151s in the other room like we did our mud
153s room today which has a bunch of like
154s cabinets and stuff or coats and shoes
156s and there's there's enough room for like
159s several people to be in there and have
160s like their coats and shoes and stuff and
163s it was just like overflowing with like
166s random [ __ ]
167s like we had
169s um stuff still from like
172s her old birthday parties like when we
174s you know picnics like I don't know it
176s just kind of became like a room where
177s like things just got there's there's a
178s few places of our house where like
180s things basically just got thrown whereas
182s like oh there's a bunch of people coming
184s over like we have family or friends or
186s stuff coming over it's like okay let's
187s try to clean up quick uh what what space
189s of the house has just like extra room to
191s throw like Whatever item we don't
192s necessarily have an exact spot for and
195s it would always just be like these like
196s few different areas like one was like
198s the mud room and
200s yeah I don't have a butler no
203s I'm not on that level not on that level
207s not even close
212s you're a copper through the point four
214s easy
217s storage room it's not really like a
219s storage room so like when you walk in
222s the garage we have this room it's like
225s it it's basically it's called like a mud
227s room is what it's called but it's just
229s like basically there's Just Cabinets and
231s shelving inside of it and you hang up
233s your coats in there and you can put your
234s shoes in there and stuff come on snuggle
237s what's on Jedi how's it going boss
242s time to kill some baiters
245s friend has that yep
248s it's pretty nice because it kind of
250s keeps your like shoes and stuff out of
252s the way
258s and I get scammed into buying a piece of
260s wood it's actually above me you guys are
264s gonna see it in my setup video which is
265s coming in on Thursday by the way
268s it's actually coming out on Thursday no
271s cap
272s does that it will actually be here
278s sure no no I'm being serious
281s and cream puff
285s 200 piece of Oak okay it was like 110
288s dude it's like 110.
293s but I moved my cam up on accident
302s see now we have some cut off though
304s all right we can fix that let's see
309s uh
313s I'm flying
315s okay there we go
318s a little better
320s I think my cam got moved up
331s well I kind of have to like
335s I don't know
339s I basically took the trade off of having
340s like more space behind me I think now it
342s looks like pretty good doing this thing
345s anything
347s maybe 23 months hope you have a good
348s stream kg thank you very much Chris
353s looks better now doesn't look better
355s okay whatever [ __ ] you
363s um
366s I hate this stupid [ __ ] bug bro you
369s can invite like 10 people on Uplay and
371s then it doesn't let you invite anybody
373s I'm just gonna probably solo queue
376s I hate this bug so much
381s is G fuel a game changer is it any
383s different than Red Bull or like pop well
386s it has like caffeine but it tastes
388s really good I think it tastes much
390s better than like Red Bull in my opinion
393s and it's way cheaper too like G fuel
395s every can of G fuel is like
398s uh sorry every every serving of G fuel
401s especially when they do their like sales
403s stuff it's like 50 cents a serving 60
406s cents a serving like around there
409s whereas Red Bull is like two dollars
412s three dollars
414s it's all personal preference I don't
416s like the taste of Red Bull that much to
417s be honest some of the other flavors are
419s okay but I still prefer G fuel I think G
422s fuel has way better flavors in my
425s opinion obviously it's opinion based but
430s Angie feels sugar-free
435s so
436s cheaper
438s you get it in a tub I mean I think I
440s think it's a game changer
443s I I think it's a game changer because
445s you get a tub that's roughly this big
447s it's literally like maybe like that big
450s right down put it in your pantry and
453s there's 40 servings inside of it you
455s have reusable cups that look like this
456s you just put one scoop in the cup shake
459s it up and you have 140 milligrams of
461s caffeine that's like the same thing as
462s any other energy drink they are they're
463s all kind of around that level and what's
465s nice because it's a powder
467s you could do a half serving you want 60
469s you do a half a scoop you want a lot of
472s caffeine you do a double scoop you know
474s what I'm saying like you can move your
475s caffeine intake up and down you could do
477s a scoop and a half you know what I'm
479s saying like you could
481s move it or 70 it'd be 70 because if it's
483s 140 per serving I'm math math hard
485s anyway
488s uh but yeah so yeah I mean you get no
490s sugar
491s you know it tastes super super super
492s super [ __ ] good
495s um so yeah I mean I think it is like a
498s game changer and it's like reasonable
500s cups less wasteful doesn't have to take
502s up room in your fridge
509s only cowards do you have servings crazy
511s people put G fuel in their Pantry how do
514s how do only crazy people put G fuel in
516s their Pantry how does it even make sense
519s yeah you could if you want to try some
521s the best thing to do if you haven't
522s tried it you could type activate short G
524s fuel I actually just popped up in chat
526s uh you can click there and there's like
528s two starter kits the same flavors inside
530s those starter kits a Unis thank you very
533s much the sub
534s but you could you can go in there and
535s you can try it out there's uh like seven
538s flavors in there and there's a cup
541s of slaps you have every day in CDL
543s school it just makes like sense like it
545s like you know you're spending two three
548s dollars for each energy drink normally
551s sometimes some of them are even more but
553s like the cheapest ones are still like
554s two bucks right and this is way cheaper
557s it tastes way better it has the same
559s caffeine content as sugar-free and it's
561s like less wasteful and you don't have to
563s go to the store all the time and it
564s doesn't take up a bunch of space either
569s do I put uh two servings of the bigger
572s black ice cup I only drink water out of
574s the big cups so like I always do this I
576s drink like one G fuel a day every day I
578s drink out of these cups I have like 50
579s of these cups probably and then I have
581s like 10 of these but I drink water out
583s of these because I actually I just like
585s the G fuel cups to drink out of in
587s general
588s um like I don't know I just like
591s drinking out of them
597s foreign
606s flavor it's good
609s and look at like the collector's boxes
612s if you have if you like
613s if you're like gonna commit to one
615s flavor buy a collector's box it's a tub
617s with a cup
619s but otherwise just buy a starter kit the
621s starter kits are like a cup with seven
623s flavors and then you'll have a cup and
625s then when the tubs
626s are on sale again
628s or you could just buy them later you can
630s get 30 off with coat King George so
634s caffeine is a placebo uh no it's not bro
638s I get like crazy headaches without
639s caffeine toxic for recruiting 15 months
644s how is life it's chilling dude uh
648s non-profit Barclay then I might take AJ
649s if you've been great I'm finally getting
650s back in the season but they miss it hope
652s the family's doing great and have a
653s great night well thank you I appreciate
654s it
656s you didn't know you could stagger Clash
657s using Cali yes one of my favorite
660s features
662s of Cali
666s oh
678s it's
683s I have never seen any of the people that
685s are in my Lobby before ever I feel like
689s I run and that's a good thing I guess
690s you know
692s it's a good thing
700s no you just use her sniper
703s yeah it's great dude every time I see a
705s clash and I'm playing Kelly I'm like
707s [ __ ] yeah
708s he's supposed to [ __ ] eat good
710s tonight oh it's so easy dude
713s every time I see every time I see a
715s clash it's just like about to [ __ ]
717s eat good dude
721s Sky snap is quite ours but it's okay
725s funny enough I won a World Championship
727s on this map
739s yeah the old one
742s have I tried the tetris G fuel can
744s flavor I actually have not tried the
746s tetris G fuel but zoomy swears by it he
749s said it's like one of his favorite
750s flavors
755s but yeah if you're if you're looking for
756s good flavors there's like if you're if
758s you've never tried it there's always
759s like the classic stuff there's like blue
761s ice PewDiePie's flavor it's like
762s lingonberry
764s Sonic peach rings
766s um the new Dead Space flavor is good
768s plasma energy the dragon's Fury acai
771s berry one is good it's a World of
773s Warcraft flavor there's the Rainbow Six
774s black ice flavor
776s so all good stuff if you like coconut
779s and pineapple yeah Bahama mom is good
780s I'm not a big coconut pineapple fan but
783s it is still pretty good like I do have a
785s tub of Bahama
792s ice shatter that's actually what I'm
794s drinking right now
796s the sudden in Mortal Kombat so I'm
798s almost done with this tub I think I have
800s like two or three servings left so I'm
802s just finishing it off
809s guys
812s yes we have a dope baby let's go
824s oh
826s there's a Jammer like by the Drone hole
828s if you can shoot it
832s um okay there's one in armor and armor
834s it's like a smoke or something or a mute
840s I remember drone on the plank anymore
843s um I drunk I metered Again by like the
846s single wall for three things
855s you're dumb as [ __ ] what are you doing
876s all right
881s how long until a g fuel expires I don't
884s know I think it takes like a few years
885s but it's just powder I mean I'm sure it
889s has an expiration date but I would
890s assume it would take a pretty [ __ ]
892s long time
893s I don't know I'll have to check like
894s some of the tubs
897s I have
900s I would probably guess probably at least
902s two years or something
904s I don't know if it yeah I mean
905s everything technically expires but yeah
908s there's like certain things that like
910s don't really expire I mean
913s good examples of that are like
916s a lot of times it's like the container
919s that breaks down before the actual
922s uh stuff inside of it goes bad like
925s peanut butter for example like peanut
929s butter could like last for like rice you
933s know
934s Honey's a good honey lasts forever
936s essentially well not like modern honey
938s really unless you get like natural honey
940s most of the modern honey
944s um
950s most most of the modern honey and stuff
952s like that is not like the like if you
955s get natural honey that's all that's
957s basically what it is
961s uh yeah you can just you could just use
963s my code use code pin George and you'll
965s get your 30 off so
970s put this bad boy up
972s to locate and defuse a bomb
976s isn't honey the only natural that
978s doesn't expire yeah but like okay people
980s confuse like going to Walmart and buying
983s like Sam's choice honey with like
985s natural honey from you know
989s the thing with like honey that's
992s based um like in most grocery stores and
995s stuff like that is it has a lot of sugar
997s in it and other stuff so basically when
999s you have
1000s those other things more or less that are
1004s uh
1005s uh in the honey I got one passed
1009s for the pesto
1012s okay one's an armor I'm gonna open up
1015s the office wall again
1023s yeah I I don't know I mean there's a
1025s whole bunch of stuff we're like
1027s it technically doesn't expire but like I
1030s don't know most of most of the issues
1032s are like packaging will break down over
1034s time things things of that nature okay
1037s One's On Main sir One's near armor
1044s thank you
1054s terrifying
1064s this guy I guess
1072s I preferred the [ __ ] out of me
1078s okay
1082s the sour chug rug good yeah it's really
1085s good if you like inside a little bit of
1086s a sad it's like a sour blueberry taste
1090s coconut oil I don't know yeah I mean
1092s like I'm sure like I said I'm sure
1094s there's some that g fuel probably
1096s expires at some point but it's it's just
1097s a powder I mean I I gotta imagine it'll
1100s last a pretty long time
1108s chewing gum has a laxative effect
1110s interest
1116s you have to wait till June to get your
1118s G4 probably for the black ice cups then
1120s if you're waiting that long if you
1122s sometimes they have certain items that
1124s take a long time because you're you're
1126s basically pre-ordering we need to locate
1128s a bomb
1135s yeah but I think didn't they find like
1137s um
1137s honey from like [ __ ] ancient Egypt or
1140s some [ __ ]
1148s and it was technically still good
1159s right
1162s I wonder how long rice last whenever you
1164s look at Rice the expiration date five
1167s seconds comment is like
1170s I don't know [ __ ] two years or
1172s something three years maybe I think
1174s that's the maximum they ever rate
1176s anything is two to three years
1178s for expiration dates
1181s but like there's no way that if you have
1183s rice
1185s like or like a can dude if you have like
1187s a can of like beans there's no way a can
1190s of beans is going bad after like
1194s [ __ ] year you know or whatever three
1196s years
1209s yo this Claw is on that thing I found it
1227s Alibaba
1233s okay no one's in in office itself
1237s Deployable
1240s no one's in armor even watch this cam if
1243s you're dead they're all I can okay one's
1245s top Lounge I'm gonna go to try for plant
1259s yo cover I'm gonna try to plan it
1263s foreign
1272s what are you doing you're so dumb
1282s what if what was my teammate getting
1284s pinged outside what was that [ __ ]
1286s thing
1289s since fan think of the Prime sub
1294s there's a guy on YouTube that tries MRE
1296s packages from World War II and is still
1299s breathing
1300s what's crazy is there's expiration dates
1302s on water
1304s well okay I at least so there is
1306s something to that one so for water
1309s evidently like bottled water Evan I
1311s think the plastic starts to break down
1313s over like so they put like a three year
1316s date on it it's probably not quite three
1317s years it's probably a little longer
1322s yeah the pla but the plastic on the
1324s bottle will break down over time
1332s secure the bombs
1338s stagnant water will also mold I don't
1341s think it's gonna really be mold because
1343s the bottles are generally
1345s uh you know sterile when the water is in
1348s there most of the time or like pretty
1350s sterile
1352s or it'll be at least treated so if the
1354s water is treated and sealed it shouldn't
1357s really have any issues with like mold
1359s necessarily I could be wrong on this one
1362s but I I don't really see like water
1365s that's in a water bottle molding I think
1367s the bottle will break down over time
1369s that that seems that's always what I
1372s understood it as five seconds
1381s you can stop worrying about grenades now
1386s right well obviously that's you know
1389s if you're in a place where if you're
1391s living it in the sun and it's 100
1393s degrees well
1395s it's not gonna last quite as long
1400s so I'm on the sage if you put it in a
1402s plastic in a humidity heat and humidity
1405s controlled house
1407s it'll probably be fine for like a really
1409s long time
1417s they broke it below
1430s I killed Ace that's case down two
1432s outside office
1439s and Tackle
1441s another one's a he's like in Terrace
1470s Ace is still down it's not awesome
1477s well John lucky it's got an eye cars
1480s playing a trap camera strike two if I
1482s get like an invite for it yeah
1489s you've been told to watch it from also
1490s filling up flat water bottles but a
1492s plastic sealed probably won't oh you
1494s know what's kind of crazy though too
1497s so obviously like having your reusable
1499s water bottle is you know a lot better
1501s and stuff right
1503s especially if you have like a water a
1504s nice water filter you refill your water
1506s bottles stuff like that one thing though
1508s that's really bad about them most people
1510s do not clean them properly
1513s hey thank you next appreciate it
1517s thank you thank you thank you what
1519s chapter mine on residual for uh I just
1521s started chapter five
1524s yeah but most people do not clean those
1526s bottles well enough like you need to
1527s like actually clean them with like hot
1529s soapy water like every what the why do
1531s we go here like every few days
1535s a heavy glass bottle still gotta clean
1537s it
1538s the biggest thing is the Caps most
1540s people do not clean the Caps properly
1542s when it comes to those uh like when it
1545s comes to reusable water bottles
1549s you run yours to the dishwasher that
1551s works yeah it's most of the Caps that
1553s people are bad with that's like with the
1555s most of the bacteria kind of
1557s concentrates I guess
1562s my my wife washes mine like every like
1565s every day
1569s not soapy water
1573s I'm just gonna reinforce this hatch
1575s pocket
1578s [ __ ]
1587s I I reinforced the hatch
1589s okay the two
1594s I want to just function this stuff down
1596s the way these guys are playing
1599s does anyone else have starlink I do
1602s I have Starling actually it's okay
1605s I if you have internet in your area I
1609s would not recommend using Starling but
1611s if you only have satellite internet in
1612s your area then definitely get it
1619s you're trying
1621s foreign
1622s Apex
1628s um I have starlink as backup internet I
1630s don't use it as my primary like ISP so I
1634s have comment com Class cast Comcast
1637s words as my primary ISP and starlink is
1640s a backup
1642s um I [ __ ] hate Comcast
1645s um I like starlink it's it's good for
1647s what it is it knows you know
1651s your icon did not appear above your head
1653s as much
1660s I did appear above his head I just got
1661s scared okay I got scared
1699s in kitchen how how
1702s we just dropped the hatch making no
1704s noise
1705s classic classic Rainbow Six video game
1708s love it love it
1720s love it illness you have is pain being
1721s inconsistent yeah I don't use it as like
1723s a pro like I said a primary ISP I have
1726s used it before so I do have a little bit
1729s of a benefit that I live in like Detroit
1731s which is in Michigan which is further
1733s North so it depends where you live the
1735s further north you are the better your
1737s signal will be and the better your
1739s connection will be with starlink
1743s so I do know that's a thing
1748s you can go on any server with the same
1749s penguin starlink interesting
1754s um
1755s I mean I get higher paying than I do
1757s with Comcast when I'm running starlink
1764s eggs open the wall
1783s the new Rainbow Six black guys is good I
1787s like it a lot I got to try it early
1790s before it actually came out and uh yeah
1795s aim doesn't hurt online gaming oh yes it
1798s does
1801s reloading
1814s hey Sunday anchors
1820s I mean if you have if you have like
1823s like Ping is literally like your latency
1825s in the game
1826s so I mean it makes a big difference
1831s sure not even maybe
1834s I definitely say like packet loss Jitter
1836s whatever other terms you want to use are
1838s definitely a thing as well but like Ping
1841s definitely affects you like 100 percent
1856s you used to get 35 pain basically all
1859s the time last couple of Seasons
1860s sometimes it's twice that yeah I I think
1864s the reason for that is
1866s The Siege server is deep poop in the bed
1869s sometimes unfortunately
1881s I I honestly have a theory I don't know
1883s if it's true once again before [ __ ]
1885s dogshit.com writes a [ __ ] article on
1888s it and uh
1890s like Bay YouTube channel number 643 with
1893s zero original content creates a [ __ ]
1895s video
1897s um I have a theory
1900s my theory
1902s um I don't know that was some Dragon my
1904s theory is that there's a lot more people
1906s playing Siege these this season and I
1908s don't think Ubisoft has spent the money
1910s to buy extra server capacity
1913s so the way or there might be some other
1915s bug right that's just a guess though so
1918s the thing is
1920s I think that there's probably double
1922s triple dip oh damn Mission uh there's
1926s like double triple the amount of people
1927s this season playing as there was like
1929s last season right or the sorry the
1931s season before and I don't think they've
1933s really upgraded server capacity
1936s and judging by how many times we've had
1938s server issues lately now it could be
1939s something completely unrelated but
1942s I think there seems to be a correlation
1943s of there seems to be two to three times
1945s as many people playing these days right
1949s and there's also everyone's getting
1952s double the [ __ ] ping like or more
1956s no just it's yeah just a theory
1966s hey well thank you big Honkers I
1967s appreciate it
1969s we need to locate a bomb
1972s I appreciate it
1979s fiber
1981s well in theory
1984s having fiber should be better than
1986s having internet over like satellite or
1988s over a copper wire
1990s because there's less chance for
1991s interference
1994s at least from what I understand I am not
1996s a networking expert but
2000s there's a bug that you've been closing
2002s Ubisoft connect every time you close
2004s Siege I have not had that happen
2009s five seconds
2014s you must locate and defuse a bomb
2017s there's a warden in lobby
2022s I should have not pinged that guy but I
2024s got two I I needed to
2026s I needed to [ __ ] ping him
2040s well yeah it's
2042s most of the
2044s uh
2046s like Toronto was saying it's like most
2049s most of the networks are
2054s generally speaking they are
2059s Viper up to basically probably your like
2062s streets and then it cuts off and they
2064s just use the existing cable network I'm
2066s gonna open the office one
2069s um so yeah basically it just depends if
2072s they're
2074s doing now last little bit of fiber
2078s uh it makes a difference
2082s dragon's clear
2086s uh there's one on the drum on one thing
2088s it's a Mozzy shot again
2119s thank you
2126s oh I don't know why I had a feeling this
2128s ugly piece of [ __ ] would do this too I
2130s had a [ __ ] feeling
2133s deep in my balls
2134s okay this guy just [ __ ] on everybody
2136s this got a donut he's what okay they're
2139s not even looking at him
2141s he walks into a captain
2144s done Rob
2150s okay the only thing that I can think of
2152s maybe for you getting signed out and
2154s stuff I know this is this is crazy but I
2156s would uninstall like you play and if you
2159s have Steam and install Steam
2161s fog everything back in and I I don't
2164s know if you maybe you did this but
2166s there's a there's a like little box that
2168s you click and it says like remember me
2170s or whatever if you don't click that box
2171s you will be you it will force you to
2173s sign in every single time which blows
2181s so that way you're basically deleting
2185s anything that could have been like a
2186s problem more or less and then secure the
2189s area keep the bombs we do that every
2191s time okay I don't know that's weird then
2205s yeah I mean either that if you're truly
2208s desperate
2210s um a full reinstall of Windows always
2213s generally fixes ship worst case scenario
2218s foreign
2243s facts
2248s Snapple effects or a Bastion of
2250s knowledge
2255s in some countries fiber is difficult to
2257s have Oh you mean like the United States
2284s okay I killed Ayanna there's a sledge
2286s over there [ __ ] I should have killed
2288s both of those guys
2293s uh it depends where you live in the U.S
2295s like
2296s it's really weird man the thing that we
2299s have is we have like monopolies for isps
2302s in certain areas like
2304s like I put like okay the area I live in
2306s is really nice like it's a super nice
2308s like area pretty well to do
2311s and everybody pays like 200 and like
2314s dollars a month for Comcast for internet
2318s right
2319s everybody pays like 200 bucks a month
2326s down to one of them
2329s you downed one yeah
2332s okay they're in tea both in teeth knock
2334s sludge planting in a somewhere
2341s knock is in the dragon somewhere knock
2343s was Dragon we can't see where remaining
2345s we could go back to T2
2354s it was around this one thing but she
2356s could be anywhere located
2363s yeah it's basically like monopolies
2366s right like there's enough
2369s like money and stuff in this area for an
2372s ISP to come in and drop fiber and charge
2374s like a hundred bucks a month and profit
2376s very well right
2379s even they could probably they can make
2380s money at 50 bucks a month
2382s the problem is is that Comcast just has
2384s a monopoly on my area I don't I don't
2387s know how they did that honestly
2389s kind of crazy
2396s let's try
2400s yeah I don't know
2414s oh you know it's wild too use your drone
2416s to locate
2419s Comcast network equipment in my area had
2421s huge issues I don't know if you guys
2422s remember when I first like moved into
2424s this house and when I was at my parents
2426s house
2428s there's certain pieces of equipment that
2429s are supposed to be replaced like
2431s periodically right like every few years
2433s probably
2435s and most isps just run that [ __ ] into
2437s the [ __ ] dirt dude until there's like
2439s they run it for like 20 years when it
2441s should have like a Max life of like five
2443s maybe six seven eight is pushing it
2445s they'll run that [ __ ] for 20 years until
2448s like it explodes literally and there's
2449s like it does not even work
2452s um
2453s basically like
2455s you know had to like flip out for
2457s Comcast or a place that [ __ ] in my area
2461s like I literally went like psychotic on
2464s stream because I didn't know what to do
2465s anymore
2475s those are on reading
2477s I basically had to
2479s while I was streaming
2482s get everybody I asked people to be nice
2485s of course but to say hey Comcast slash
2489s Xfinity slash Xfinity help or whatever
2491s please fix King George's internet
2495s and I basically did this and just went
2496s on an absolute tirade for like the
2498s entire stream that I was streaming and
2501s uh it actually got them to do something
2503s surprisingly
2507s I actually fixed it
2510s there was a major piece of networking
2512s equipment and they uh replaced it
2535s Falls battery everyone's doing their own
2538s thing this is great
2552s man
2554s why are you peeking into this in living
2556s it's crazy we're gonna lose maybe not
2566s we literally smoked these guys in this
2568s site so easily last time we just needed
2570s our
2572s okabe we had emps to like help
2589s [ __ ]
2591s behind the VIP bar
2593s GG all that for nothing
2605s all that for nothing
2613s [ __ ] dude like we like I don't
2616s understand like why my teammates like
2618s dipped like that
2619s fence
2621s like we were literally we were literally
2622s like we literally smoked those guys on
2624s that same site by just opening the wall
2627s I brought Ace again and everyone dipped
2629s like what the [ __ ]
2634s that Mr gun
2639s well the annoying part is is that at T
2641s was is installing fiber in my area and
2644s because the economy like shat the
2646s [ __ ] bed like super hard
2648s uh
2650s uh they
2652s just stopped like
2655s they just stopped boys
2660s they just stopped uh dropping dropping
2663s fiber
2667s oh hold on my Discord
2670s uh
2672s join I did
2685s you might play Resident Evil later yes
2693s oh boys
2695s what up
2700s oh he's in here
2705s uh we're missing
2707s we're missing
2712s uh just invite him right I'll be back in
2715s like
2717s okay I'll be back in like one sec chat
2846s baby baby
2952s thank you
2982s foreign
3028s four terabytes this month for data how
3031s the [ __ ] do you use 1.4 terabytes of
3033s data bro that's like what I use and I
3036s stream every day
3038s feeling lighter now I had to go move
3041s some boxes for my wife
3043s because we're in the middle of like
3044s reorganizing a bunch of stuff
3048s and I was like I got a second and I
3049s needed to piss so it's like okay let me
3051s go move the boxes
3053s and I'll go take a quick piss and by
3055s then I should be back by the next game
3057s and I was we did it
3063s only watched attacking
3065s uh
3066s I don't know who that is
3073s I'm a very odd time streamer become a
3076s stuff right
3080s I need to use your drone to locate a
3083s bomb
3092s moving moving boxes at a quarter of the
3095s night bro
3096s well we're in the my wife goes to bed a
3099s lot earlier than I do she's probably
3101s gonna go to bed
3102s maybe two at the most
3106s Amber asking double cab cam back crosses
3114s we're playing freaks you guys got Capcom
3121s five seconds before insertion
3125s you must locate and defuse a bomb
3140s if a banded or Jaeger shot it
3145s can you hit a doe call yep
3148s he's into he's in Split right now
3153s he'll still run number right stuff all
3156s day every day dude
3160s still on this side
3162s he jumped over
3164s yeah we're I was talking about it
3166s earlier in the Stream but we're we're
3167s doing like a bathroom's clear known
3170s rotate basically you know how what's up
3174s another call for me you can we've been
3176s around our house now for like a little
3177s over here like a year in like nine
3179s months or whatever and
3186s thank you
3195s okay
3198s I want you to draw 90.
3200s I I have 90 right now I'm on the repel
3205s you look this guy is shooting my [ __ ]
3207s actually he's like on the 2K
3210s come on
3212s 90 pushing up to the window
3216s here amazing
3223s there's one in in there
3225s one's coming up man for sure coming
3227s coming up push me push me
3231s the other one might come studied
3239s just do something together next time
3240s instead of dying one by one
3243s 's Landing
3252s guy coming steady map map
3258s it's closed
3267s uh well to the eye I think the 42 month
3269s three simple fact when I place those
3270s Claymores outside so somebody jumps out
3272s the window to kill me they die from the
3273s Claymore somebody runs out on the
3275s repellers they died at that Claymore or
3277s they at least have to shoot it and delay
3278s his time
3281s I yeah I wish they would ramp up the
3283s Silhouettes on enemies too like the
3285s light ring or whatever
3286s I re I feel like it was better when it
3289s first came out and I feel like they like
3291s dampened it a lot actually
3296s I feel like they [ __ ] dampened it a
3299s lot
3308s I it would be nice is if you could like
3310s there was some customizable options like
3313s for the light ring you could choose the
3315s color what the light ring is like maybe
3316s red for enemies blue for teammates or
3319s vice versa you know you can pick
3320s whatever you want kind of like you could
3322s do for your like Crosshair colors or
3324s whatever your gun side colors and maybe
3326s if you could choose the intensity there
3327s was like zero to 100 so if you didn't
3330s like it you could turn it off
3333s if you didn't like it you could turn it
3335s up
3338s and maybe because of all the people the
3340s freaks who always complained about
3341s realism maybe you could just turn it off
3343s by default
3349s they're acrossed again
3353s five seconds to insertion
3362s ever thought about becoming a Caster uh
3364s probably not he went all the way
3366s downstairs
3369s and wine somewhere I just never say
3371s never but yeah doubtful
3373s memorizing Billy yeah
3377s it's ghosting
3379s we don't even want me to shoot this one
3380s though
3391s through it
3402s it's one of those things like nobody
3404s really wants to do it but once we have
3408s can I jump in closer
3412s you could do does anybody have a smoke
3415s can you guys burn for Brickfield yeah
3424s I got the BP that's the shield
3429s One landing Legion Landing
3433s once far back on those cabinets in
3436s astronomy
3438s with an ads
3441s a C4 underneath all right the main wall
3444s is open so this guy's brick still it's a
3445s lesion
3451s one's here
3463s he's top red now
3467s he's not pushing he's pushing now
3472s for eliminated
3478s God partner
3481s thanks dude
3486s yeah I'm not gonna lie though dude I
3488s [ __ ] it feels really good when it's
3490s done but when you're in the middle of
3492s like organizing everything it's a
3493s [ __ ] pain in the ass we've been here
3495s we've been here for almost two years
3496s right so we've been through
3498s we remodeled like a bunch of different
3500s parts of the house and we were kind of
3501s doing you know like sections so that we
3503s could like still live here when we were
3505s doing it and stuff so it was like okay
3506s they're remodeling this room now so like
3508s take everything out of this room right
3510s okay uh take everything from these two
3513s rooms and combine it in the room that's
3514s remodeled like and whatever this this so
3517s it's like there's just certain areas of
3519s the house there's just [ __ ] that's like
3521s we don't even know what's in half these
3523s like cabinets and closets and [ __ ] like
3525s that we have the
3527s get it all out organize it get in the
3529s proper spaces
3530s um
3531s yeah
3532s so
3535s instead of tile do I have in my bathroom
3537s carpet
3539s is that directly out there no I'm
3541s kidding uh I I have marble in my
3543s bathrooms
3544s except for the uh that was crazy some of
3547s them are just like regular subway tile
3549s or whatever but yeah
3555s new roof new AC we did we did uh we
3559s first moved in we had an AC unit die
3561s like the first week we were here it's
3563s like really like yeah
3566s I'm bringing my drone there just give me
3568s a second watch out C4 spawn kills this
3574s I just literally sit and spawn at the
3576s time now for a little bit
3579s this dump fox running up
3582s I should just [ __ ] punch them for
3583s that that's my fault I almost yeah could
3586s have almost scared him I have my drone
3588s ready using mine under the middle window
3590s Where Are You Gonna drown from Audrey
3592s there's nothing yeah yeah there's no
3594s holes right now to jump in the closet
3596s they have holes below like her back
3599s Dimensions laundry's clear couch there's
3602s a cap cam
3611s steady window
3617s I love Flores
3622s China looks clear
3623s yes
3636s called
3639s take care of Elizabeth yeah there's
3641s captains all over I I just goes I'm
3644s joining for you I'm joining for you
3646s no one close right no one cabinet no one
3649s on the desk he's into the connector
3655s Ella will be close here she'll be close
3657s and that's your Warden connector
3660s or anyone statue like on Triple or
3662s anything
3663s no there's one behind this pillow
3671s you had debated by yourself
3675s are you guys in the bathroom
3679s he was he was in the corner the whole
3681s time there's one in here
3685s you come bathroom right now
3689s um I could yeah I can
3694s he's throwing your boxes or dust
3698s yeah I mean you could probably kill him
3702s that should be your job slipper
3713s connector
3714s you gotta go that way
3716s I'm gonna I can get the wall up in here
3718s hold on B
3721s itch nobody is there one one more
3726s I'm gonna cover I'll just try to plant
3728s no no no
3731s remaining red
3736s [ __ ] frauds
3743s [ __ ] disgusting MRIs he bought the
3746s house before covered he got the
3748s treatment right back I I honestly
3750s think this unit might have been dead
3752s before we moved in as well and the
3753s previous owners kind of just like didn't
3755s say anything I I do have a theory that
3758s with that too
3760s I do have a theory
3763s oh
3768s I do have a favorite because we're gonna
3771s bring a shield to fly the day we bought
3772s our with the day we had our inspection
3774s it was raining throttle and it was
3777s really cold it was it was we bought our
3779s house in like the whatever you know
3781s Summers like that but it was really cold
3783s the day that we got the inspections and
3786s it was like I don't know if the AC
3789s wasn't working you wouldn't have really
3790s been able to tell to be honest because
3792s it was so [ __ ] cold outside
3795s like it was really weird it was like 50
3797s like in the summer very unusually colder
3801s 50 or like 60 or something
3803s I'm proud I'll prep the jump out windows
3812s foreign
3822s oh I know that people yeah they'll like
3823s pump their systems up and stuff there is
3825s a rim light setting it's on by default I
3828s think it's on by default
3830s do you remember that being like a thing
3832s I don't know I forgotten it's been so
3834s long since they took that [ __ ] in the
3836s game
3855s someone hop on couch
3871s Astro Kim's like the only cam shots
3873s either oh never mind yeah they're in
3875s bathroom they're going below
3882s you came in art I think I have meats
3883s here meat on me
3885s they're gonna need be careful
3891s we're getting Jackal try
3893s Jackal skull window I think
3896s wait where are those lesions okay one
3899s just jumped over okay that was yeah it
3900s was a clone
3901s right they're definitely all over master
3903s and [ __ ]
3909s um
3913s okay let's let's go away you did that
3916s watch that art one shot
3923s oh my God I hit the Sledge okay jackal's
3926s 90 jackal's 90. they're gonna come and
3927s hit this cam right now I'm just gonna
3928s [ __ ] hang up
3930s it might be they're gonna go for it
3932s don't try it out right on it they shot
3934s it
3936s so I just gonna be one shot
3939s God he's just baiting his teammate
3941s [ __ ] anyway
3944s kids below shooting Me From Below to rip
3947s two in Bolt
3950s anyway yeah it's not like a big thing
3952s but like I don't know it makes me happy
3955s when things are like pretty organized
3956s and stuff I should have killed I
3958s organized all of my tools
3961s Arts that I had and stuff like that so
3964s like when we're we're moving into the
3966s house that was one of the bad ones we
3968s have this like closet upstairs that's
3969s supposed to be for like cleaning
3970s supplies and stuff mostly and like
3972s whatever else you know but I had Tools
3976s in there dude it was that closet was
3977s like loaded with tools and supplies and
3980s pieces like extra pieces of like wood
3982s and everything else that I had in there
3985s and I moved it all into a storage room
3987s and I have like a nice little area now
3989s it's all organized I could find
3990s everything I just had a [ __ ] problem
3992s the other day where I couldn't find this
3994s [ __ ] box it was like uh yeah it's
3996s running about shelf pegs and I had to
3998s buy them off Amazon
4004s and it's funny after I like fully
4007s unpacked everything I could not find
4009s them when I fully unpacked everything
4012s um in that closet there was still like a
4015s little box and I looked in the Box
4017s I just didn't look inside of this one
4020s little [ __ ] tiny box of course
4024s it was in there I found it after but
4027s whatever I'm not gonna return them I
4029s already bought them and
4033s I don't feel like undoing the shelves to
4035s [ __ ] return them for five dollars
4038s label everything uh I don't even need it
4040s to be labeled it's organized enough now
4043s I don't even need that
4052s opportunity
4058s get rid of all the boxes and stuff oh
4061s yeah I did
4063s that that [ __ ] is insanely annoying I
4066s hate having like boxes and stuff and
4068s stuff
4069s that's the other thing too
4071s um I did that a little while ago but
4073s yeah we had all the boxes from you know
4075s when you first movement you're like okay
4076s like I have to keep my TV box for 90
4079s days because I bought it from Costco and
4081s they have a 90 day like you know refund
4084s policy so it's like okay I better like
4086s save my [ __ ] boxes
4089s breaking into closet
4091s oh I'm never yeah literally dude we're
4095s gonna do this I don't ever want to like
4097s deal with like unpacking everything
4099s again and
4101s um
4103s so you can just walk over them the kids
4105s on study window or something shooting at
4107s me
4120s most people are not like that so if I
4123s like move I'll have to do all of that
4125s stuff again
4132s all right they're running toward you
4133s okay they're they're yeah they're at 90.
4136s Center
4140s okay they're coming 90 right now I'm
4142s okay
4150s now I'm down here
4152s Bradley you mind
4155s they're nating underneath
4172s I killed jackal
4173s blow though
4176s ayanna's at the door cheers
4180s of course
4183s they have our cameras by the way not
4185s nothing good though everything
4191s you and your wife move a lot for sure
4193s keeping on the boxes or expensive
4194s Electronics frustrating yes
4199s 30 seconds 1v1
4202s all right Mission failed all friendlies
4205s have been just moved and in 11 years of
4207s garbage in the garage in the back of
4209s your shed I just can't do that dude like
4211s guys I I like fry Master Maybe
4216s yep that's a kid
4221s not doing anything very confusing what
4223s you need to like adapt pause I'm gonna
4226s take this for me okay
4228s repel
4230s yard sales yeah
4232s honestly it's just dude the other thing
4234s too is when everything is organized and
4236s nice and neat
4238s and
4240s when everything is organized and nice
4242s and neat you don't buy as much [ __ ] that
4243s you don't need because every when
4244s everything's like there it's organized
4246s it's done if you need something you'll
4249s just grab it if you don't have it and
4251s you get it and you put it in the correct
4252s spot right when you buy it you probably
4254s like you won't be like buying things
4256s I've had that happen like a few times
4257s like it hasn't been major stuff because
4259s normally I'm pretty good about not like
4261s double buying things but a few times
4263s it's happened I didn't like no one had
4266s locking pliers I haven't forgot about
4268s them and I bought a second set of them
4270s which I did not need right but hey I
4273s guess it's you know I'll probably use
4274s them eventually
4276s and I was past the return period you
4278s know
4279s I've done that with cables before like
4283s for my PCS and stuff and TVs and all
4285s that [ __ ]
4287s um I've done that before with uh like
4289s those metal brackets I was telling you
4291s about like if I was just if I had
4292s everything organized I wouldn't have
4294s double bought all that stuff
4298s cord box I actually organized all that
4301s stuff very recently
4303s I basically bought those like little
4305s plastic uh drawer organizing things
4309s whatever the [ __ ] they're called
4312s like Walmart and I just like made like
4314s this drawer's ethernet cables this
4315s drawer is video cable this drawers audio
4317s cables like I like organized all of it
4320s so this way if I'm like looking for an
4322s audio cable I just dump the box and I'll
4324s find it in there
4326s and they're all rolled up and like nice
4330s and neat and stuff no
4332s I was doing that too much I was just
4334s like I can't find it oh well Amazon has
4337s one day shipping or whatever like next
4338s station
4340s uh it's [ __ ] five dollars
4344s I'm gonna rotate that Shield onto a bomb
4347s put it right beside a bum
4363s trophy
4365s they already have one interpreter
4370s it's a jackal is by double door right
4373s now
4376s hey someone's watching I can't come up
4378s yet
4379s one master bro they called they can't
4381s see cams they shot the outside game I
4384s think
4386s Uh Kevin dodo think of the Prime song
4391s um icars for the 31 month reset welcome
4393s back uh
4395s slide to break my bar exam today
4398s also I wrote a comment I need help last
4401s year
4404s nice Skywalker thank you I appreciate
4406s you guys
4409s of course
4411s um
4416s what
4422s all right this is something or just
4424s sounds in closets
4430s in in study
4432s on two things the Jack was just moving
4435s around he's not planting there I think
4437s he's putting his bricks Maybe
4440s you find a brick
4442s because one's four only cam we have
4444s that's useful remaining
4468s win some lose some I guess
4476s foreign
4494s good job
4526s do you have a spot
4528s uh yes
4530s I I think I played you I'm like pretty
4533s sure I played you just now but I could
4535s be wrong
4536s yeah it was good [ __ ] you guys
4539s were getting tossed up
4542s would you say that floss sorry you guys
4544s were getting Sauced up
4546s we were getting Sauced up yep what does
4549s that even handled handled oh that's
4552s Becca's ass
4556s I mean
4558s it's my first game on in like [ __ ]
4560s like three days bro four days so I just
4562s wanted to play a quick game I didn't see
4564s anybody on quick game and you're
4566s downstairs with 30 seconds left like
4568s holding rotates from me yes you nating
4572s below
4574s you're happy to have the debate of 15
4576s ping versus 60 ping ping matters delay
4578s variations the bigger issue for Worse
4580s people I'm not I'm not disagreeing with
4583s you with that dude I there's literally
4585s no point which I didn't say that like
4586s Jitter delay packet loss all that stuff
4588s is not like
4590s worse but um you're you were saying ping
4593s doesn't really matter
4596s it's not a debate it's it's just there's
4599s literally no one on Earth that would
4600s just be like oh would you rather have
4602s five ping or a hundred there's really no
4603s one to be like yeah I'll take a [ __ ]
4604s hundred ping it's no difference like
4606s like what like
4609s you have the final formatted Edition
4611s back to let me know something major just
4612s about DMC ah
4617s I mean I don't think there's anybody on
4619s Earth that would just be like yeah I'd
4620s rather just have lower pain like it's
4623s just you know lower ping is better
4631s hmm
4635s all right
4638s I'm John Porter finally playing CJ for
4640s like four years you miss it so much
4641s welcome back welcome back
4651s but I mean yeah
4653s plus there's also like factors of like
4655s there's most video games will actually
4659s uh actively affect your gameplay
4664s like by like [ __ ] with your ping for
4666s example if you have like over a hundred
4668s penguins in in Rainbow Six the server
4671s will literally just start declining your
4673s shots as an actual feature of the game
4675s like there's I think I think it even
4677s starts over 80.
4692s I mean you're talking about like
4694s completely different things I I don't
4696s know what you're trying to argue about I
4698s think you're just trying to argue for
4700s the sake of arguing
4702s I think you're just one of those people
4704s it's only like the only logical thing
4706s that I could like come up with right now
4707s like it doesn't make any sense
4720s it's literally all it is I mean I don't
4722s think there's anybody on Earth that's
4723s like
4724s assuming you like you're talking about
4726s other issues
4729s that could be happening with your
4730s internet connection but
4733s the the argument that somebody was
4735s talking about earlier was just ping like
4737s exclusively about ping that's it
4748s uh
4754s it isn't arguing just words matter well
4756s you said ping didn't even matter like it
4758s does it actually does matter a lot
4763s there's literally there's literally
4764s video games including Rainbow Six where
4767s they will start to reject your shots
4770s the way that you will pique somebody the
4772s way that you will repeat hey those
4775s things change drastically based on how
4779s based on how the game is uh the game
4782s code is written
4792s oh
4795s love you
4797s love you more secure the bombs
4806s what headset am I using a Corsair
4808s virtuoso
4810s XT you could type access instrument
4812s headset if you want to check it out
4814s like my main or this account
4827s I only know that guy with all Goldust
4830s and the one with Glacier but he already
4832s liked it too
4854s reloading mag
4857s all right
4859s um but there you scrambled these for the
4861s four month three sub I don't bicker for
4863s free well thank you
4868s yeah I don't know I mean
4870s oh it is like I said ping definitely
4872s matters like the way most video games
4875s work it it makes a pretty big difference
4885s thank you
4898s oh I know exactly what you're talking
4900s about yeah yeah you're still by the
4902s plant pot shock him
4904s do they even have a breach working out
4906s he's going to the right half wall
4908s did you did you invent the new operators
4911s to your rotation
4914s um I mean I mean I don't know I just
4916s play whatever it's gonna be pretty like
4919s Optimal to win the round sometimes I
4921s just play random [ __ ] you can't play
4923s both
4926s far left half wall
4927s I think one's still outside yellow on
4929s the Move could move
4932s fighting for his life right now
4937s right side now
4938s how far out is he he's behind there
4942s cannot speak for him he's running he's
4943s in the middle now
4946s let me know if he goes right here he
4948s left side by pie not poultry left side
4950s pineapple tree
4953s it's a pineapple tree it's like a
4957s tropical something he makes guys wow
4965s um
4967s so I'm using the same thing as you
4968s though Falls I have suffered I would say
4970s most of the people generally speaking as
4973s well
4974s network issues
4980s a lot of the time it's it's their
4982s Network it's not really
4985s the ISP generally speaking glass skates
4989s instead of regulations the routers have
4991s issues router issues modem issues noise
4994s on the line from like shitty equipment
4996s outside sometimes that's kind of on the
4998s ISP I guess
5004s thank you
5006s secure the bombs
5018s up
5033s okay
5039s I just I just wish that these isps would
5042s all drop fiber everywhere man it's like
5044s it's crazy the amount of money they
5046s bring in and they just it's the weirdest
5048s thing to me with the amount of cash they
5050s bring in that they just will not
5051s sacrifice like a [ __ ] dollar to make
5054s like
5063s one spawn blows my mind by himself
5070s it's a DMR DMR please
5077s it's a Monty
5081s no he's not he's not
5092s they're down he's down I'm beside yellow
5094s down beside Yellow Nice
5098s why do I put Barb there
5101s people literally come through the door
5120s huh
5125s we have default I'm on the default front
5127s because he's coming to your backside
5133s okay he just drones from yellow I just
5136s turned from yellow
5138s I do have Barb there and an ads
5141s is there one shot
5144s foreign
5160s I think you're destroying okay
5164s officially 33. let me tell you your left
5166s foot spur knee yep yep yep forearm are
5170s all downhill it's gonna be 33 this year
5173s too I'm stuck I'm stuck with the [ __ ]
5180s oh
5193s wait what what happened
5195s that's crazy
5199s brother what the [ __ ] who is that that
5202s is like way too specific for him to say
5204s that
5206s what happened
5208s no he just he said there's got to be
5211s flaws only flaws plays like that you
5215s guessed it was me because I was pruning
5216s in some bushes with embryos there's all
5218s 600 almost
5221s yeah there's only five only on cats
5224s secure the bomb
5248s s
5255s you know what's weird
5258s you guys are gonna call me weird I don't
5260s like massages or like baths
5266s you know why I don't like them they're
5269s too [ __ ] relaxing
5276s yeah I don't like to be that relaxed
5279s it's not good
5280s for me
5283s I'm not a fan
5286s uh Sergeant work what do you think of 33
5288s month threesome welcome back
5290s um always a good time on your stream
5291s thanks for everything well thank you
5292s appreciate the third three months and
5294s you always watching
5296s I'm weird as [ __ ] I don't know dude I
5299s just don't like massages
5306s they're too relaxing
5311s all right that was CEO
5315s it feels like an IQ
5322s oh my God Diana just random piano
5328s all right they're knitting below my wire
5331s yeah dead in piano
5333s tell him he just drop shot me with Monty
5336s bro is he doing the glitch or whatever
5341s yellow I just went down yellow face
5345s last time
5348s I don't know if I did not do those
5356s yeah he's locked her Hall Locker Hall no
5357s camp
5360s everyone like repellent he might be like
5363s copy or something
5366s all right yeah I'm pretty sure
5369s he'll go uh
5375s foreign
5407s don't be weird
5433s we need to locate a bomb
5452s these are resident before you get it
5454s Tuesday for the PS5
5456s it's a good sofa game it is yeah
5467s like who told you that
5469s I don't know
5476s I don't know I I'm just not a massage
5478s fan I don't know what it is
5480s freaking yellow
5482s [ __ ]
5484s um
5485s I don't know why dude I'm just not I'm
5487s just not a massage fan like massages
5489s smoking weed anything relaxing
5492s taking baths
5495s anything that's meant to relax you is
5497s just not for me
5501s this nice story of my honeymoon because
5503s I was relaxing like all the time but
5505s normally when I have like [ __ ] to do I
5507s don't like those things like at all
5510s I don't like to be relaxed
5519s an iron mental I I don't know I just I
5522s I'm
5523s maybe I'm just weird like that but yeah
5526s I I like
5530s yeah I think One's near yellow oh I'll
5533s beat them there's a guy princess I can
5535s call or strong
5540s he's not on yellow plot oh man I saw his
5543s maybe just hit a call hit a call
5552s bro I can't hear anything he's
5555s unveending too much talking
5559s oh
5565s uh we have a Visa cam all right I think
5568s one's copy
5577s if I'm on vacation and I truly have
5580s nothing to do like on my honeymoon I did
5582s like that like a massage was nice
5585s on a regular basis
5588s I think downstairs
5599s hmm
5605s yeah Omni George I was trying to call
5607s somebody to watch the death belt right
5609s now so I was going to a problem with
5612s I'll bring that shirt
5617s I was just trying to listen when he
5618s called and I like could not tell oh
5620s there was like there was like three
5621s people talking [ __ ] I can't hear [ __ ]
5624s and the guy started to pee to me
5626s that's um I honestly didn't even know
5628s in the building owned of uh
5638s you need to use your drone to locate a
5640s bomb
5643s be advised your drone has located a bomb
5655s yeah I was gonna say it wasn't confused
5657s about that because they said you were
5658s sent down about me live and I'm like
5661s that's
5668s what did these guys doing
5672s I can't think of anything relaxing that
5675s I actually like to do except for sleep
5676s what are you doing you freak of nature
5684s located a bomb okay this ugly [ __ ] is
5687s still peeking the garage door my
5689s microphone is just starting to reinforce
5691s yeah
5705s are you becoming a pilot send them to
5707s the gulag yes
5717s I've been here for two hours
5721s you dumbass I don't know but you're just
5724s sitting in here
5729s I have uh cams I have three Barb and a
5732s Kiba barrier he's still in the black car
5745s yellow stairs
5748s too stupid to die there we go
5753s grown up
5756s yeah she is
5760s another one pillar pillar
5762s okay wait I'm going yellow I can drone
5763s and then I'm gonna make it I'll make
5765s something happen here
5772s okay there's one back yellow
5779s it was so stupid to die no no he stole
5782s the white van
5788s are you sure he's above he's above he's
5790s above
5795s yellow yellow coming down yellow right
5797s now that is a crazy plant spot gun
5800s that's the one staircase he's on
5803s here
5811s you're like level 500.
5821s actually this time I proned in from gas
5823s station
5825s oh I'm sorry only seven years hey drill
5829s though thinking 57 months of reasonable
5831s bank it's been 47 years 57 years
5834s 57 years you came uh just just in time
5838s speaking of old age you speak became
5840s music came just in time to see [ __ ]
5842s old gun
5844s doing some [ __ ] I don't know
5848s forgetful ass [ __ ] dude
5852s uh rip are you coming back
5855s zombie you want to play something
5858s I didn't want to play but yeah The Vibes
5861s seemed pretty good tonight okay they
5863s would have been pretty bad if gun like
5865s lost just around because of that yeah
5867s if that guy wasn't full-blind they would
5870s have been very bad Rip's the only smart
5872s one in this Discord the only reason he's
5874s smart is because he left
5877s like seriously what was going through
5878s your head when I called above and they
5880s called yellow like for you to
5883s immediately start planting right there
5885s in like the one spot he can see you
5887s I didn't want to retype in all the
5889s numbers like
5891s yeah
5892s like there's some [ __ ] many
5896s and then he just like when he typed them
5898s in when gun plants it actually takes 20
5900s seconds see hot impacts like a 90 year
5902s old for the keys
5904s oh I would like to give you guys a uh
5906s piece of advice if you get a steam gift
5909s card uh they are not peel-offs
5913s they are scratch-offs it literally says
5916s scratch here did you why'd you go peel
5919s it off no it does not say that are they
5921s scratching sniff
5922s no I didn't try sniffing after I was too
5924s pissed off because I peeled it off and I
5926s lost one letter I was like man I gotta
5929s play the [ __ ] guessing game
5931s no I or uh I went through Steam support
5934s and I just sent him a picture of the
5935s card and they gave me the code uh did
5937s you tell them yeah yeah I was like yeah
5940s I was yeah I peeled the sticker that
5942s said scratch off it doesn't say scratch
5944s anywhere on it I double checked oh
5947s really well at least like the Canada
5949s steam cards they scratch here right
5951s above the middle thing
5952s I don't know maybe Americans are just
5954s too dumb that you don't need it that
5956s doesn't make any sense we need more
5958s warning labels no yeah you consume for
5960s not telling you to [ __ ] scratch it
5962s instead of
5963s I was hoping that they would email me
5965s back and say do you want to double it or
5967s give it to the next person
5971s that that Steam support person is
5973s probably like telling that story other
5974s colleagues like oh you wouldn't believe
5976s the [ __ ] [ __ ] that I had [ __ ]
5977s contact us today he [ __ ] peeled off
5980s the scratch
5982s I got a Roblox gift card does anybody
5983s want a Roblox gift card
5986s I got 10 Roblox right now
5990s I'm serious who wants it
5992s anybody in Georgia's chat play Roblox
5995s probably they're all 10 years old
6003s so is anyone gonna invite to me or are
6005s we just gonna
6008s says he's offline for me
6016s oh I got is two friend requests from
6018s people I don't [ __ ] know
6020s dude it's here aim again with that tool
6024s all one word
6031s you had your first season that you felt
6033s bad for your neighbors 7 30 on Sunday
6036s you should pop up for them
6038s um
6040s our grass is still like not alive yet I
6044s can't even fight gun we probably it says
6047s her offline
6049s Zoom he's not letting me dude I invited
6053s he did
6055s he wasn't goofing all right so who wants
6057s a Roblox Card
6058s oh
6059s I'm gonna put a stream my neighbor doing
6062s your neighbors a favor they came 7 30 in
6065s the morning on the Sunday that's a dick
6067s move honestly oh my [ __ ] off [ __ ]
6070s website name this is tough dude it says
6073s to scratch it off with a coin but I'm so
6074s rich that I don't have any coins
6079s these are balls it's rough enough
6085s already got some dry skin under there
6087s buddy
6091s take it to the dealerships with me
6093s they'll scratch it off for you
6097s what yeah I don't have what that the
6100s only part on my body that I moisturize
6102s is my dick what are you talking about
6105s all right
6106s first one first one write it down write
6109s it down ten dollars
6114s how old are you like 16 I'm not sitting
6119s okay we'll get a better voice [ __ ]
6121s anyway
6122s the gift card code
6125s for Roblox ten dollar value r i c y
6132s write this down write this down PW 6s
6137s 9 0 bmj
6141s pbk4h
6147s all right I feel like a radio show host
6150s that was pretty badass dude
6155s all right and I'm gonna read off my
6157s credit card number
6160s I can I'm gonna read off my social
6162s security number
6164s one so yeah it's way [ __ ] old
6167s it's the first one ever
6173s uh
6175s as a 2kd in like 70 games who is this
6178s guy he just baits oh it's spaz oh okay
6184s Collegiate warlord if these people find
6187s out it's me they're not going to be very
6188s happy
6190s why they don't like you no they think I
6192s cheat oh well I mean
6195s I'm not gonna lie you probably do she
6197s wouldn't be surprised come on now yeah I
6199s always think I cheat on my women
6200s yeah
6202s he's not dma low-key it's all good at
6206s the end of the day we're doing Sapphire
6212s free Roblox gift card shops absolutely
6215s [ __ ]
6216s you might want to lower your
6217s expectations
6219s say that you literally go nuke what do
6222s you mean I'm shooting for one maybe two
6224s at best
6225s we put the two at best
6228s it means extra oh yeah I haven't played
6230s Siege in a while because every time I do
6233s I get the first packet loss latency [ __ ]
6235s oh you got the
6239s servers we were playing on last time I
6241s don't know well it's not fun yeah
6249s the last yeah last time I dropped like
6250s 12
6252s yeah
6253s unironically it's the server we're on
6255s now as wearing bugs which is kind of sad
6258s to say but I guess they fixed the
6259s service for once
6261s hmm 15 kill Chalet with packet loss yeah
6265s West is usually better than it is right
6267s now
6268s last
6270s yeah we're on right now
6278s are we going Master over or just like oh
6281s they woke you up
6285s Insertion I don't know normally when the
6287s they come I don't really hear like our
6290s our house isolates sound pretty well
6292s Master over what like when they're
6294s mowing outside like we can hear it but
6296s if you're sleeping you won't wake up
6299s like maybe I don't know it could they
6302s could but
6303s also
6305s by the way this is very random babe have
6307s you guys ever used a sound machine
6309s I never wanted to use one because of um
6313s I was like I can't sleep with this [ __ ]
6315s on but when you have a baby you sleep
6318s with the sound machine I can't even see
6320s this get any swinging me
6322s you you have to pretty much have the
6324s sound machine below now yeah
6327s and
6328s um
6329s all right ready I'm gonna EMP the walls
6330s wait what the [ __ ]
6335s come here
6337s all right
6339s you can go in and hold this guy he ran
6342s across this guy he didn't shoot him yeah
6344s he's still there still there okay I'm
6345s coming back
6347s it's all outside
6352s they're not like a sound machine you
6354s could just do like white noise rain
6355s ocean tides whatever you want
6358s you can do it like you lost your gun I
6361s think like if you just have Spotify they
6363s just have it like for like it's free on
6364s Spotify there's like and you just put it
6367s on repeat timing I've ever witnessed
6377s all right
6384s shoot them are low by the way
6395s study door last scene
6397s and the ones on the head holes probably
6423s foreign
6446s shoot back
6448s I did Buddy
6450s you can also try the Sim I don't think
6453s he did pal
6454s you literally lost your gunfight too
6456s like I just I didn't even get a gunfight
6458s I was about to kill a guy and then I got
6460s shot in the side because you lost your
6461s gunfight you fat sack of [ __ ] actually
6464s you're not fat you lost a lot of weight
6465s you look good
6467s thanks Jimmy that was the most
6470s interesting conversation interaction
6472s I've seen along and I got really
6474s wholesome at the end yeah you're doing
6476s great I'm really proud of you in Lan
6479s joking with a bombs
6483s this becomes really nice actually
6485s I just don't have enough brain cells to
6487s be mean anymore sleep sounds and like
6488s any device yeah
6491s wait what
6495s huh
6503s Jimmy gets off your plan okay
6506s yeah I mean they you can use like a uh
6509s Amazon like Echo dot or whatever those
6511s are pretty cheap you could play it off
6513s your phone Bluetooth speaker whatever
6519s insertion use the Dome Uno [ __ ] is this
6523s thing I'm probably gonna buy it you must
6525s locate and defuse
6529s oh we have something like this kind of
6531s we we have like a Homedics one
6544s it's the only thing that works for your
6545s daughter
6547s yeah I don't know we we bought is funny
6548s we bought like all these like different
6550s sound machines and the one that she
6551s ended up liking was like the travel one
6553s it's a plug-in one but it's like a it's
6555s like Homedics or something
6557s I think it was like 15 maybe
6562s just pretty inexpensive
6564s um
6572s foreign
6621s all right I have a cam at the bottom of
6623s Astro there's one on Astro stair right
6625s now
6626s did somebody drone bathroom
6635s these kids still outside trophy
6638s did someone drum bathroom please do
6640s either of you have a drone Ace or Flores
6642s yeah okay
6644s I'm just below here I'm coming up Astro
6648s B's clear Buckaroo ones below Astro
6650s stairs gonna come up after stairs yup
6655s I'll hold the stairs I'll hold the
6657s stairs
6660s he could have went off okay
6668s I mean he has the feet holes
6673s um
6677s honestly I feel like the simpler stuff
6679s works like pretty well when it comes to
6681s that stuff
6686s gotta be there
6688s a lot of the same
6690s I shouldn't get one here they're gonna
6692s go dying
6695s game you got really [ __ ] Lucky in
6698s that time I'm all good
6713s I'm just trying to open up the wall an
6716s Amazon Echo dog [ __ ] Alexa is making
6720s dogs now
6723s I'm [ __ ] with you
6730s yeah I would just get an Amazon Echo Dot
6732s and then like they you can just play
6734s they have like 20 different sounds that
6735s you can display I'm gonna take a few
6738s let's go above
6741s uh yeah sure [ __ ] fuse combo open it up
6748s don't shoot the floor next to him you
6749s might not ever play with you again what
6751s do you mean who did I do that to
6754s oh you know who you did that dude don't
6757s play Don't Play this I'm being serious I
6759s actually don't
6770s I don't
6775s remember this
6777s I believe that it happened I just don't
6779s remember
6797s there's one in Trophy
6801s another
6807s I should be able to kill him but I
6809s didn't so I sure dropped the hatch you
6812s dropped the hatch
6813s top floor should be clear
6815s they could retake it do you have a fools
6817s as well he's up after again oh my okay
6826s trying to hit another dog call Gun yeah
6828s hit one if you have it
6830s Orcs and pulse on site
6836s they have a [ __ ]
6839s I gotta work that works
6841s like either trophy he jumped over each
6844s other well my dad what am I dead
6847s okay they're even on Tetris they're both
6849s on sale somewhere
6861s are you talking about Tetris
6869s okay hold on I'm fusing memo wall okay
6872s I'm coming
6878s as dumb as [ __ ] he's got half his maggot
6881s in the door to open it and then get one
6883s kill there's no way he's out here
6887s I wonder I didn't even believe that was
6889s a real human
6892s I recommend him yeah
6894s bravery
6899s he certainly got his
6900s I I have still yet to get mine but this
6903s round I have okay not a good one bird
6908s stick we're loving
6909s yeah I went one for one that round yeah
6918s quite the bottle I name
6922s it's not even battle it was just toxic
6924s Behavior he must have said something
6925s that was not Kosher I don't know what
6928s you can't imagine somebody with that
6929s name saying anything
6936s all right guys
6949s you know
6951s I just came to play okay
6954s he did do some baiting the first round
6956s yeah
6973s why not both
6976s of the ads's team
6980s s I'll chew my nails
6998s I don't know all right good calm
7003s anything else
7014s I don't [ __ ] around when it's snack time
7018s pretty rare that I'm in the mood to eat
7020s some snacks and stuff but if I am it's
7021s like it's game over I'm gonna be eating
7023s all this instead I think
7030s kettle corn when they sell on the side
7032s of the road
7034s during a road trip I've never had like a
7037s side of the road kettlebell one's on 90
7040s window maybe I have I don't know
7043s actually that's not true I mean I've had
7045s it like fairs and stuff I guess
7052s I killed them I killed
7069s one below one Statue
7082s my wife always talks about
7085s I've never I've never had this before
7086s but she said that like I got on the
7089s board when when when she when she went
7092s on a road trip with her family maybe
7093s people could talk like know about this
7095s as well but when they were on a road
7096s trip with their family they like pulled
7098s off
7099s and there was a stand where they had
7101s corn that was like buttered corn it was
7103s like fresh like right up like right
7105s picked like fresh says the best corn
7108s she's ever had one of the best foods
7110s she's ever had period it's not alfredo
7114s like always talks about it yeah like
7117s it's she said they had like they they
7119s had corn on the cob
7121s but it was like the best corn on the cob
7124s like ever
7126s protect the bombs
7136s they're playing mobile cover
7140s okay
7141s crap
7146s stay clear baby yes
7166s even when I get my cow
7170s maybe when I get my cow I'll have to um
7174s I'll have to uh see if there's any like
7177s Farms along the way that are selling
7179s corn
7180s on Jay check
7184s don't get a cab before I have a tractor
7186s oh I buy half a cow like every well I've
7189s only bought it once it took me nine
7190s minutes
7197s the blues are down
7201s I retake three Master Bell up to you
7207s breaking the bathroom wall
7210s all master belt unless one drops off
7212s they're all master balcony
7220s you might get one now Zumi I'm hanging
7228s [ __ ] he's I'm the master
7229s bathroom
7232s I was hopping in bathroom yep you have
7235s that right
7237s no no I fell below so
7240s all right yeah
7250s you know
7253s foreign
7285s what is crazy corn
7288s you guys want to go just dining go back
7290s is it like candy corn because candy corn
7293s is some [ __ ] dog [ __ ]
7295s one operator My Kryptonite the one
7299s operator that could have killed me there
7300s did kill me there because it was Ayanna
7301s and that [ __ ] got white hair I got bad
7304s eyes
7313s it won't happen again
7322s I think I get a kill if I put a frost
7324s mat in the top oh a living cow no I
7325s don't buy living cows funny thing you
7327s can do though Italian salad for the 18
7330s months 18 months with the gangster dying
7332s sound
7333s kind of counts
7337s hey I'm just gonna [ __ ] count cows
7339s for no damn reason
7346s oh I've had that before I've had that
7348s before that stuff is good yeah yeah I
7351s jumped up the closet window
7352s Andy corn is hands down the best one
7355s throw in the trash are you gonna rotate
7359s so yeah I got you guys in the curveball
7360s though
7363s I thought I was gonna say it was good
7364s but I won't it's a disgusting garbage
7371s you like candy corn that's not real
7380s okay
7381s the only reason people like candy corn
7383s is as decoration and as decoration it's
7386s okay it has the same plasticky texture
7388s as cheap decorations so it works
7395s there's just so many better candies
7409s Sledge back with you
7416s are he often uh showers
7419s oh yeah there's like that one Canadian
7421s room
7423s talks about candy corn he has a pretty
7425s funny rant about it I have 90 Kim
7429s that already okay listen slight
7431s miscalculation yeah
7436s guys on the window
7439s hold up check out this place candy corn
7441s is literally just like it's like plastic
7443s and sugar and like that's it oh my God
7446s all right let me play let me play I mean
7447s you could like burn it for like warmth
7449s because like Plastics are made of like
7455s petroleumford products hit the guy
7457s Master one day probably won't be very
7459s healthy
7460s this guy's splashing me honestly I feel
7463s like candy corn better than like
7466s sandals you could probably put you could
7468s probably put a [ __ ] Wick inside of a
7470s piece of candy corn would burn just like
7472s a candle
7481s this calculation is only Jake Jake's
7483s found it listen Jay check is counting
7485s perfectly I'm making perfect Geeks you
7488s know you know it's all good it's all
7490s good all's well
7493s this is not looking good
7496s uh theater megator it's like a 41
7498s monthly smoke back
7505s neutral candy corn I don't know I just
7507s don't like it I like sweet tart
7510s I don't know why I'm in the mood for
7512s sweethearts especially those sweet tart
7513s gummies
7521s Glacier he's got Glacier like this
7523s glacier
7524s he's cheating
7532s just to make candy Corner teeth as a kid
7535s I mean yeah they're you know they're
7537s just plastic they're good as a costume
7545s they're good they're good and you know
7546s it's basically a costume
7549s don't know it
7569s foreign
7592s the pineapple wrapper but with like the
7595s red oh the strawberry ones
7598s I don't know what those are I'm not even
7600s kidding by the way this actually [ __ ]
7602s happened to me like this was like maybe
7604s a year ago or like six months ago
7608s okay this actually happened
7611s this actually [ __ ] happened to me I
7613s was walking around my house and there
7616s was randomly one of those candies that
7618s old people hand out like the old
7619s grandmas hand out where it's like the
7621s red it's like the strawberry candy with
7623s like it looks like a strawberry on the
7624s outside it came out of nowhere I don't
7627s know where it came from
7629s I'm just walking through my house it's
7631s like seeing a ghost what the [ __ ] is
7633s this thing doing here that's coming they
7635s just [ __ ] grow out of like the ground
7636s or something
7638s I've never seen them for sale in the
7640s store either like where the [ __ ] are
7641s they
7645s I'm literally walking through my house
7646s I'm just like what the [ __ ] is this dude
7659s Oak
7663s when you get old they start to appear
7665s I've been old for a long time
7688s yeah
7690s I mean I'm a valve fan that's a trap
7693s we're doing the uh all the dental so
7696s um
7699s Shirley or above
7702s you know actually I'm gonna put a game
7704s upstairs
7713s I just don't know where those come from
7714s I mean you could probably buy them on
7715s Amazon
7716s but like we need to locate it I've never
7718s seen him for sale in a store
7721s like where do old people get them
7724s do they come with like your social
7725s security check
7727s I haven't seen them I've never seen
7729s those candies available in a store to
7731s buy ever
7732s I'm telling you dude they must come with
7734s yourself like every old person must get
7737s like 50 of them a month with their
7738s social security check
7742s we're both
7747s into chakra
7751s I think they're doing extended setup
7753s yeah they're not upstairs completely
7765s they're at shrug stores
7768s yeah I mean I know that there are of
7770s course you can buy anything on Amazon
7771s you know basically right but I've never
7775s seen them in a store like I've never
7777s been somewhere but like oh there they
7778s are like those are those candies
7783s foreign
7785s section dude I'm a fat ass of course I
7788s go to the candy section
7790s bottom square and I look
7793s trying to find out the old people ways
7795s like I just can't
7797s all right open area itself is clear
7802s we'll take it
7805s Oh So Soft still sucks I'll squirts
7809s there there's a beeper
7812s watch your metal
7814s Toyota
7816s all right let me put this camera metal
7818s I'm gonna come in you throw the thatch I
7820s throw the uh yeah buddy come on okay
7822s buddy
7824s buddy Thomas comes I think one is
7826s teller's desk all right throw throw it
7829s right here and I'll get both
7831s of them upstairs
7848s nobody server all right all right we
7851s have numbers let's just play perjury all
7852s right watch our main stair cam that's
7853s what we need
7857s all right fine give me a sec
7868s what a flash on drops once he's back
7870s over here
7876s hey chaka's on Main stairs very low
7880s like marble
7883s nice shots
7895s I don't know where that guy was like we
7897s had to go in a circle or something
7898s you're from Newfoundland which is full
7900s of British and Irish heritage it's very
7902s popular
7903s I don't know bro I think I've never I'm
7906s telling you guys I called at the
7908s beginning I'm being serious I everybody
7910s over 60 has access to this candy and
7913s they have it on hand there's they they
7915s have they have it stacked dude
7919s they have it stacked every Grandma had
7921s every person over 60 has that candy I'm
7924s telling you it comes with Social
7925s Security checks
7927s I need to like I need to take a look
7928s dude on my taxes I bet you there's
7930s something in my [ __ ] taxes where it
7933s says like [ __ ] old person candy tax
7936s and it's like when you get your Social
7937s Security check you get a box of those
7939s candies
7947s like reverse Peter Pan only old people
7949s can see them I guess dude
7955s I don't know
7956s I'm just giving cops
7958s just new company
7961s are they up yeah yeah well I mean
7965s they're up but like they're mental is
7966s down they lost that person yeah
7970s I'm gonna Bend these [ __ ] over as if
7972s they were a Hot Topic employee
7980s um
7982s play I don't think that you can say that
7984s I was about to say I'm actually banging
7986s one of the managers
7989s that is
7990s pretty cool she's hot yeah it's probably
7993s with me
8001s uh stock there's this whole wall is off
8004s it's just ashes top squares
8008s one swinging janitor
8011s I [ __ ] up my Aces but they're good
8012s enough yeah you just shoot at the stock
8015s guy
8018s he's calling it here's the hatch open
8019s I'll go check if it's still there
8024s yeah I think he's outside we got one
8026s plane elevator one place
8029s one elevator once something yeah we're
8031s till Wednesday you're going to the
8032s stores tomorrow to see if you could find
8033s them yeah okay someone John this guy
8035s stop okay here there's one just swinging
8037s the [ __ ] like balls
8042s done
8051s like
8056s Trump's stock door stock door double
8059s all right
8061s okay I'm pretty sure there's one like
8063s CEO on that he's behind the CEO desk
8067s uh no no he's not actually so he's like
8070s further back in like that office behind
8072s it
8075s the art
8078s one's in stock I think
8081s I'm being spotted by a scam hey Nana
8083s thank you very much for the uh twitch
8085s Prime 61 monthly so go back eight months
8088s away
8089s the big 69. uh and feed him again for
8092s the 41 months in Italian Sam for the 18.
8094s I still have a shield in the hallway
8097s um I've Just Seen A new documentary
8099s about Waco on Netflix about a religious
8101s group in the Oregon map I mean it's not
8103s based on the origins
8105s the wake up was a thing before Oregon
8108s he's gonna swing you once you jump in I
8110s haven't seen the documentary but I've
8111s seen documentaries on Waco before yes
8117s one's going long dusk
8124s it's interesting
8126s I think it was kind of weird dude
8128s there's like um
8129s I remember at one point I watched a
8131s bunch of like they had a bunch of videos
8132s in the documentaries on the History
8134s Channel no one knows in the back in the
8137s day I'm like different like they had
8138s like a series on Cults I think it was
8140s the History Channel anyway they did like
8142s Waco they did [ __ ] Jim Jones and uh I
8147s forgot what country and I'm like
8147s blanking uh Guyana
8151s five seconds
8167s and I'm trying to hack their [ __ ] I got
8168s a bunch of util but
8171s sitting on Mars
8173s going down again yeah
8178s did they flank up at all by any chance
8180s no just the two rumors at the start
8186s uh
8190s do you want to get and they rolled out
8191s that password sharing thing for Netflix
8193s eventually let's just do aim
8197s bro the star last time
8201s I'm gonna go for ablation I'll go baynex
8206s late once you guys have control of
8210s like open in the hatches on a rectangle
8212s garage but I don't know hey I haven't
8214s [ __ ] seen you in like three months
8216s anymore I can bring like Bravo and
8220s get info
8226s I was a GTA garbage man life pain
8233s ter push would push with the team please
8242s suck your dick okay I'm assuming it's
8244s going well that's great to hear
8246s apparently Netflix recanted on the
8248s password sharing news
8252s I think they were getting a lot of
8254s [ __ ] negative press on that [ __ ]
8256s didn't they raise their prices again
8259s uh banana banana Bell
8262s yeah
8264s still there still there oh banana they
8267s probably just figured they're like hey
8269s like running looking he's looking shot
8271s my camera go outside opens clear windows
8274s clear
8276s uh open air itself is clear let me check
8280s admin kitchen
8282s admins is clear
8286s damn thing so they might be trying to
8288s trick it though so let's just still I
8290s think he put a poncho alone outfit so I
8291s think you put a punch it out check it
8293s out check it yeah
8294s um
8295s yeah he's alone
8298s oh look uh he didn't put a punch hole oh
8302s it's on the bottom yeah
8304s all right we have the cam from Maine
8305s come first with a hat do you have
8307s another call
8309s all right hit that EMP brother
8313s see I ran through the lone wall
8315s she's stuck
8321s killed me bro he's down in the [ __ ]
8323s hallway just kill him
8328s hey give me one sec I'm just
8331s got all this [ __ ] in
8336s it
8338s umassers literally
8366s another gentleman
8369s well I don't see anything holding them
8372s all bags
8374s nobody said nobody's in B nobody
8385s um
8405s oh yeah we do have a kid
8408s stop patches
8413s oh will it still suck
8418s there's been there
8422s in person I think
8425s probably accidentally joined they're
8428s both like kind of speaking English
8432s that's that's racially motivated no
8455s why not
8457s English is hard
8462s Empire
8467s I could see for it watch out
8477s um
8483s we're missing something to say walls
8486s maybe server
8488s Now
8491s give me your disco account I don't have
8494s anything in my CS go account outside of
8496s like a gazillion hours played
8499s tomorrow
8504s Sunrise game I sold all my CS items like
8507s many moons ago
8511s one lobby
8522s they're definitely running combo we
8524s should have wrote award in nice
8529s um I don't really watch anything anymore
8532s I barely even watched Pro Siege honestly
8536s I only watch Pro Siege if it's like
8538s bigger events and stuff
8544s it's on mainster
8549s main Sierra one one's one dope I would
8552s not go up the main series because they
8553s have one guy looking from loan office
8554s and one guy on the main stair
8558s garage
8565s mauled
8568s okay enough spamming let's relax let's
8570s relax
8576s they have such a good angle there that's
8578s [ __ ] crazy
8581s yep
8586s one's in the back by server yeah I can't
8589s see him he's involved one in garage one
8591s in garage close close
8592s garage
8601s I'm just gonna [ __ ] hard frame this
8603s guy
8604s about the bigger door nice breath not me
8607s buddy
8610s drone in garage
8620s I should remove your arm why the [ __ ] do
8622s you even have an artist badge you create
8623s zero art smoking it swifted they put you
8627s in a spliff bro
8628s oh my God that's crazy did you just go
8630s on a t-shirt
8632s get sent to the gulag you guys are so
8634s lame bring in a Rooney bringing her in
8637s he won't
8638s bring in a Rooney smoking doobie
8642s my dad hated me
8647s [ __ ] off please
8651s baby baby baby babies are well
8655s things are going well chap
8661s uh album enjoy it I get the 49 my
8664s visible back
8669s the password Crackdown for Netflix
8670s hasn't happened in the USA because we're
8672s Superior they use other countries as
8674s test on these makes sense
8679s yes it's the American exceptionalism who
8683s knows effort like the 24 months
8691s okay
8697s advice you got both
8701s see that's the way to go when you if
8702s you're gonna have snacks you gotta do it
8704s right
8705s you just gotta get ready to get some
8707s good old diabetes
8715s put your pants don't fit playing kg
8718s um I've actually had that problem
8719s recently it is what it is you know
8734s listen you know
8737s just watch out they're shooting Lobby
8739s cams and [ __ ] propelling West
8747s the windows you said yeah
8757s still CEO George uh I think so
8761s when you know for sure
8766s I think one might be in lobbying yeah
8773s Lobby
8776s he's out repelling repelling for sure
8788s he's like right under this window
8792s repel dead
8799s I think one maybe tellers I'm in Tyler's
8802s right now [ __ ] in lobby yep
8808s do Lobby
8810s oh yeah
8814s Ash coming over tomorrow
8816s right now
8821s okay I almost needed me that's the most
8823s random spot in the world
8830s no one repel
8834s one's already up
8842s Ash banana
8844s let me two bananas I'm spiral stairs
8846s right now halfway up
8849s they both come in spiral one cloning
8852s both spiral right now Havana just ran
8854s out both ran up
8858s 20 seconds they just have to get in B
8860s hold B from them
8865s dead 15 seconds Trump
8873s 10 seconds good job I guess
8877s five seconds left
8885s two games I'll see you guys in a month
8889s nice
8890s take it easy buddy
8892s yeah
8893s GG zombie I'm gonna be honest I've never
8896s taken it hard
8897s huh
8899s I've never taken it hard man I've been
8900s living my life 26 years been always
8902s taking it easy all right buddy uh
8906s let's go
8908s for the 24 years really reasonable back
8911s and I'll enjoy for the 49 months
8913s I'll leave a group yeah
8916s yes big money I almost cost I killed two
8921s [ __ ] people get one bro I'll talk in
8923s a season or like I'm confused confused
8925s yeah
8927s that's
8929s stupid only when you complete the
8932s equally yeah
8934s no one you
8937s every pack you like get it's it's 300 or
8940s six credits I know that for sure which
8943s is cool
8945s I'll be honest I still haven't figured
8946s out how to navigate this [ __ ] hell
8948s hole the map I can't even read
8950s I
8953s readings for nerds it was really cool
8956s when I was younger and in first grade
8957s they're like yeah he reads at a third
8959s grade level but by the time I hit like
8960s eighth and ninth grade and they're like
8961s yeah he still reads at a third grade
8963s level
8965s it was not as cool
8968s no
8970s there's always there's a there's always
8972s an extra listen you can improve
8975s I you know I don't think I will
8978s sort
8981s so brave
8983s so brave press f
8985s Joe Brave
8987s someone has to invite I cannot
8991s yeah I just can't invite him just touch
8993s his offline for me
8995s is this some kind of game you guys are
8997s playing where you I think it's just a
8999s force of meeting a lot of white people I
9000s invited I don't want to play with them
9002s oh he's offline for me
9010s that's what I'm saying
9013s yeah good night
9015s today you got banned by a throwing
9017s teammate they killed themselves with
9019s your Goyo and got you banned what I
9020s recommend you do I recommend you never
9022s play Goyo with people that are trolling
9025s okay I'll be right back
9027s all right
9029s cool
9030s we'll be right back I'm gonna put these
9032s plates in the sink
9036s oh I see the peanuts and kettle corn the
9039s peanut M M's are the best other honestly
9042s if you're not getting peanut M M's
9043s you're [ __ ] up when you get M M's
9045s every other type of m m is dog [ __ ]
9058s foreign
9137s foreign
9232s 10 seconds to go
9236s oh five seconds to go
9242s all right we're already in the game
9248s Conan detected outside
9251s well they're not supposed to be out
9253s there
9254s silly little goose
9258s okay dude
9260s I took a piss and uh
9263s I put my plates that's it
9268s okay
9273s where are they worms yeah can you hit a
9277s line call he was picking the CEO window
9283s s
9290s all right the walls are battered and
9293s they're doing that like a zombie drone
9295s hole [ __ ]
9298s I got the back hatch I got the back
9300s hatch clear first flooring up kitchen
9303s hatch I think
9304s yeah I'm drowning for I'm drowning
9306s running be seriously now okay oh the
9308s Kate he did he has the cage and then
9310s reinforced bathroom hatch
9312s is the cage and like I just got playing
9314s upstairs he's in CEO right now on my
9315s body
9324s bro this guy ran up yellow run outside
9326s of me
9329s I'm gonna tell this let me try on this
9330s game genius genius
9332s good job you're dead
9337s he got me he's up on the hatch yep
9349s I'm probably gonna drone and then go
9350s yellow and you play the hatch if you
9351s want
9353s uh I have yeah we'll play my Resident
9354s Evil tonight for sure Visa flank right
9357s now going up these two stairs up let's
9359s go let's go straight fast let's go so
9360s fast go Swift
9363s now
9368s he's upstairs as planned I think yellow
9371s pillar
9372s he's up in piano on the on the pulse as
9376s a vertical on me so yep
9378s he's right here on pink
9380s let's go
9383s yeah I was trying to get on a spot where
9385s he didn't see me
9387s nice job guys
9395s no it was George's
9398s it was it was George's cam on the
9400s vending machine that caught that guy the
9403s most default [ __ ] cam yeah
9405s Thatcher
9410s no we don't we don't all right
9413s George don't worry sorry I brought Nomad
9416s instead
9418s I mean
9421s you say [ __ ] that sure I mean most of
9424s the time yeah you don't really need it
9425s that's your garage it's so easy to get
9427s the [ __ ] off the wall
9429s easier
9431s if you have that's where I guess
9435s probably top floor they got kind of nope
9437s they are they're definitely bottom they
9439s think that's a fluke let's prove them
9441s wrong
9442s all right
9448s absolute [ __ ] loser
9451s my win loss uh whatever
9455s wardens he's gonna run a bathroom window
9457s he's gonna run a bathroom window Chad I
9461s have a question
9462s what is with it with like companies
9465s on Amazon okay it'll be like the top
9469s seller on Amazon bike drivers over shop
9471s it'll be like dude like a bunch of like
9473s random letters and stuff and I'll look
9475s it up cause I'd be like oh that must be
9476s Chinese or something and it's just like
9479s literally a randomly generated bunch of
9482s like letters
9489s yellow
9500s sorry
9506s okay George
9508s oh you can get the other one too
9510s much
9517s yellow pillar yeah you guys man
9521s recovered
9524s we can't be [ __ ] dying it okay
9527s whatever
9530s let's try this company is gaming the
9533s Amazon system for scamming
9535s I don't know yeah but it's crazy we have
9538s like 10 drones then
9542s I've just noticed to do like I'll buy
9543s something off Amazon it's the most like
9546s random name like in human history
9559s we know it just like literally like I am
9562s like on Amazon though like I don't know
9564s I'll give you an example I bought these
9566s like straps right
9568s so what they do is they can they can
9570s hold
9571s a extension cord so when you Loop an
9574s extension cord into a circle
9577s um there's like 900 different companies
9580s it's the same product and they literally
9583s just have random names
9590s for sure like let me see if this even is
9593s a real company let me check it out I
9595s bought this yesterday there's no way
9596s this thing's a real company dude like or
9598s a real name yeah I'm down on the straps
9601s I bought the other day
9604s yeah I guess we can just go just go
9609s okay sludge instead of an ash
9613s they're a Lobby they're Lobby oh
9621s what do you want to do here hop down pop
9623s down again
9625s do admin side
9626s I don't know uh
9633s all the people like did a window and
9634s just kind of like take them off guard
9635s okay okay do it do it then I'm just
9638s gonna make a play oh my God bro why is
9641s this 10 seconds
9642s you guys think I have no I'm gonna play
9644s your pro ball let me I'm gonna translate
9645s this
9647s it means thick
9649s in Somali
9652s okay that just has to be a coincidence
9660s it's called like dica but it's like not
9663s really spelled like that like correctly
9665s there's like a bunch of random letters
9667s and evidently in Somali it means there
9670s is no way they just put a bunch of
9671s random letters together and it happened
9673s to be something in Somali
9675s coming up
9678s guy jumped
9684s on that
9687s um
9689s there's a guy oh I know why they do it
9692s and I hate this guy it's exactly what
9695s you're saying it's also just like a lot
9697s of it is just drop shippers
9699s some of them Americans within Chinese
9706s there's one yellow
9710s running a yellow
9715s so yellow no
9719s I think he ran piano or Zig one coming
9722s yellow
9723s one's running out front don't worry
9728s uh anyway yeah it's uh it's the most
9733s they just know okay
9736s hmm
9752s what that killed me oh God
9756s oh man
9766s that was annoying around I'm not gonna
9768s lie
9780s that was [ __ ]
9791s there's still Boomers around yes
9795s uh secure the bombs
9798s go to a nursing home
9810s every car on my street
9816s one's walking down the street looks at
9819s the car I'm faster than you cracks their
9821s [ __ ] window nice car faster than you
9824s too
9829s be ready
9855s oh thank you they might just go above or
9859s something yellow door yellow door
9862s The Shield
9871s are you [ __ ] kidding me that time
9874s they're coming down oh good time
9885s I destroyed a thermite charge because
9887s these guys are [ __ ] dumb as [ __ ]
9889s where's this Monty
9892s always on me [ __ ] they're beta
9895s yellow I just got here
9897s oh you can't go down here
9902s I think I'm being inspired I don't see a
9904s spiral okay
9907s I I have very bad timing uh very much so
9911s this game I don't know why I just can't
9914s okay back to back Visa series shotgun
9918s bomb diffuser in place I just can't
9921s catch a break today I I laid it well I
9924s mean it's not really true I've been
9925s [ __ ] on everybody this last game
9927s this game though I've been just been
9928s getting
9929s obscenely [ __ ] unlucky like
9937s put up some sort of a fight in these
9939s [ __ ] rounds
9941s no we're just getting melted in sight
9944s like we didn't have ads's for the Drone
9947s hole I definitely did it it just
9950s happened where like I was walking across
9952s and he threw a grenade let's not even go
9954s there if they have that shirt it's
9955s honestly not worth going Let's Go lobby
9958s okay
9973s uh
9982s slowly to be fine if you killed or
9983s talked to him
10002s reason why he's deployed
10007s I'm a Zoomer hello fellow kids
10024s I got droned once
10037s go to work
10043s I just get spammed through a window man
10053s I'm going in the garage
10055s they breached in garage already in
10058s garage white van Ash I'll tell you if
10060s she shoots bottom V6 again
10062s reinforcing the half circle kit
10069s bottom yellow bottom yellow
10073s foreign
10114s weird I can't even see his head yet long
10117s dust though
10121s there's no idea you're walking out I
10123s don't know where he is now
10126s projector audio yep I'm just waiting for
10129s a drop
10134s um
10139s Chuck him
10144s nice that's crazy
10150s foreign
10160s it's weird I've uh we literally killed
10163s like three drones total last game can we
10165s go can we go down let's not go down do
10167s not go down that [ __ ] is like we got
10169s [ __ ] destroyed there and they have
10171s thatchers all right we can't like we
10172s cannot hold that
10175s oh for this zombie all right if you
10179s really want to I guess yeah no I I
10182s because if they run Shield they run
10184s Shield like it's it's easy to stop it's
10186s gonna hurt them really bad and I can
10187s also see people or damage him you can
10189s bend a trick and we'll protect you
10190s secure the area keep the bombs
10196s raise the wire up
10207s I think they're gonna do a back take a
10209s look
10212s at these like just main rotates
10217s you know I guess so
10221s I'm gonna shoot down CEO Windows to make
10223s sure they make the paper upstairs
10231s in five seconds
10233s we have what the bathroom match right
10241s we're gonna have to play aggressive
10242s yellow we didn't bring a Jager
10244s yeah
10246s let's put all through here
10251s huge that's big
10262s this guy just doesn't know what he's
10264s shooting now
10266s is it like let go of left click you
10269s [ __ ] yeah they got my drone hole
10271s thank you I'm gonna hold yellow
10285s it's running yellow
10291s another another zombie I don't have
10294s another one pocketed
10300s Millennials 1996 to 84.
10304s um you did that backwards yeah
10312s I think one's back oh they opening hatch
10314s I think
10316s it's a zombie no more thermosis
10335s I guess
10339s just backing up watching the top half of
10341s yellow watch yellow watching backside
10344s I'm watching backside
10350s it's playing above right now
10360s just don't keep this guy he's ever done
10364s he really does okay
10367s all the yellow
10370s stop me a little bit
10375s okay
10406s I just can't catch a break man I jumped
10408s out I jumped out and [ __ ] on this [ __ ]
10412s don't drone bro I ran around the map
10417s she's like I don't know it's really
10420s [ __ ] weird
10422s all right let's bring Thatcher green
10424s grenades
10426s got this let's get the wall everybody
10427s downstairs
10445s I think they're just replacing cams and
10447s that's you need to locate I don't know
10451s everything I know of and there's like
10452s nothing
10454s so I'm confused I I will go back and
10456s match replay and watch this match
10457s because I'm down yeah they're down the
10461s Cade
10464s I'm uh I'm very interested to see
10468s um like why I'm dying what kind of info
10471s they have that type of thing
10475s all right our win loss is updated now
10479s two and three evidently that great
10489s claw again
10493s let's just live and this should be like
10496s the easiest thing to open in the world
10498s I'm not going to Pizza
10501s I'm feeding them
10506s he might run a Visa stairs and run on a
10509s projector
10513s okay I'll join the wall for you George
10515s yo yo yo CEO windows
10519s he just ran away he just ran away
10521s I'm ready when you are door that's okay
10523s indicate spots yeah let me just check it
10525s out I just want to make sure there's no
10526s [ __ ] jackass okay there's a kid on
10529s black car all right
10531s cover me in this open yep
10541s going back away
10544s by the way
10546s all right Wall's open
10549s dude
10554s pipes right now yep cage backlight still
10571s he's not backward anymore
10574s you might be able to get out of it
10580s she's so tagged
10583s Minecraft
10592s we all literally just died within five
10595s seconds no no I know but I'm saying
10596s please stand with your own way whoever
10598s was dead it's all good all good
10603s oh
10604s I should have went with you Visa I could
10606s have tried to do
10608s oh where do you guys want to go
10611s um
10618s pretty much
10619s like a really randomized picks
10622s really [ __ ] random pics you just need
10625s to bring info up like Echo and [ __ ] yeah
10627s like they're just Crouch walking around
10629s the map
10631s uh I'll bring the Lucy I guess grab that
10634s word in that 1.5 no I don't need it it's
10638s honestly protect the bombs no brings
10642s along
10645s I don't like downstairs in this map one
10648s more bathrooms up it's really hard to
10650s hold but
10652s we actually just got lucky last time we
10655s went downstairs we should have lost
10659s we should have honestly lost that last
10662s round downstairs only there's only one
10664s was because these guys are literally
10666s morons and they charge up the right the
10669s wall twice
10671s I tried to thermite the wall twice and
10674s are in a zombie just threw impacts to
10678s the Drone hole and they just repeated
10680s the same stupid [ __ ] [ __ ] they did
10683s yeah
10685s the top four is located and if they make
10687s that mistake again then
10688s just [ __ ] me I don't even know what to
10690s say at that point but I don't think they
10691s make that mistake twice
10708s the Jordan man zombie
10718s nomadding front door
10723s this piece of Appliance had really talk
10725s off
10729s the repelling piano window yeah
10739s loading back
10747s there's one at front yard just in the
10749s open and there's one repelling in piano
10751s windows
10756s they have a drone in The Wire by yellow
10758s oh long trying to call and I'm muted
10760s yellow top spiral top spiral careful
10763s coming down oh he's inside already wow
10767s we're on spiral one inside
10771s okay in piano yeah he's in the back hall
10775s jot the cam right away okay
10779s stress
10784s okay uh
10786s peeking your benches he's he's Crouch
10789s walking to benches
10795s they're not planting uh there's a Union
10797s lobby yeah
10803s is by planting right by front door like
10806s right I don't know yeah okay there's one
10808s by bathroom bathroom so bathroom door
10809s and planting front bathroom door plenty
10811s front
10812s last one was front door
10815s Stop Standing it's really awesome
10818s diffuser located disable it
10824s oh man
10837s all friendlies were eliminated
10842s all right
10859s there was no yellow pings or anything he
10862s just stared at me through the floor and
10863s pretty far away
10866s interesting how did the ash get from
10871s was the ash the one that repelled in the
10873s connector flaws
10874s no okay I thought it was uh knock that
10879s did that yeah we were playing the river
10884s was it rehearsed I don't know any of the
10887s people that he's
10890s which one was reversed oh we're playing
10892s merch yeah it says Burke reverse
10896s [ __ ] you morons
10903s okay I guess I don't know
10916s um
10917s oh unlucky
10922s we are having a tough day dude two in
10924s [ __ ] four is just it
10929s that is just a shite
10935s whatever isn't evil uh maybe in like a
10937s little bit
10944s with the same guy some last game so one
10947s of them is either Merc or
10949s somebody because
10951s the other three guys that I tabbed were
10954s not mercurvers so yeah it was just Merc
10958s reverse and there's like three
10959s completely random
10961s their life
10964s I don't know they might have a star
10967s runner and someone else no there was a
10968s post there
10974s same [ __ ] map wow
10977s yeah
10985s that game's probably on me I played like
10988s a dumbass
10991s too many rounds where we threw picked so
10992s we just couldn't climb back from
10994s new game
10997s considerably less Woody most likely
11000s yeah
11001s uh yeah
11012s all right we got this one
11014s hopefully
11021s how far in a Resident Evil am I am I'm
11023s on chapter five
11026s but I'm just starting chapter five and
11028s there's 13 chapters
11030s so also one thing though I will say is
11033s even though I'm only on chapter five I
11035s cleared a bunch of the areas with
11037s different puzzles and treasure and stuff
11039s like that that probably I'm probably
11041s like more than chapter five through the
11045s game [ __ ] on these goes
11056s you guys you guys want to take a someone
11058s someone take thermite I want to go above
11060s and just [ __ ] fuse everything I will
11063s do that
11065s you got it yeah yeah
11068s just uh let's let's get drones like
11071s going in through like main lobby and
11073s stuff let's just take that
11075s reasonable game what I recommend for new
11077s Resident Evil players I've only played
11079s Resident Evil 2 and I've played Resident
11082s Evil like four I I haven't played a lot
11084s of Resident Evil games
11087s I am a uh I never had a GameCube growing
11090s up which is what most of them were on
11091s literally
11101s I don't think uh
11103s uh further down
11106s indeed
11114s I'll be afraid they have one with my
11118s I want to be a freak
11121s off
11123s opening up yellow I hear them crack it
11125s welcome back
11127s all right there's over Mayan Lobby yep
11136s is that where we ran to
11139s yeah
11140s what is this [ __ ] [ __ ] doing that's
11143s the kid running out of yellow yo another
11145s one top yellow
11150s near Ventures Hall I can't drone the
11153s wall as well as awesome
11156s I don't know where he is now is that
11164s okay no I can throw a drone he basically
11167s just makes fun of my choices that's Kate
11170s he's just tricking the wall
11172s yeah I'll get it okay I'll hold your
11174s plank drone
11178s tomorrow
11182s this bike could have gone up yellow I'm
11184s in a drone up real quick
11192s watch I'm getting I'm getting all the
11195s utility that I could safely get and then
11197s I'm going to get the one that's scary
11198s that's why I did wanted to get to the
11200s last okay
11204s he probably blew his own Cade off the
11207s wall
11208s I have a yellow try another you threw
11211s another
11214s yeah
11215s wait I killed two people
11219s yes
11226s walls open I'm joining uh don yellow I
11230s hear one maybe like security
11232s in front of security
11235s ones on pillar one pillar I thought
11238s okay one's back Visa back Visa
11243s back Lisa and security hall
11250s he's a lot he's letting security I'm
11251s coming bridge to get a bomb down am I
11254s being
11255s okay one zombie was secured oh
11257s [ __ ]
11260s pipes pipes pipes
11284s no swifted good calls that got me two
11288s picks
11292s the only advice that just he gives me
11295s when it comes to when it comes to stuff
11297s is is I'm like hey I'm I'm I have a
11299s piece of Oak what do you think I should
11300s stay in it with he's like oh you should
11301s throw it in the [ __ ] garbage and pick
11303s a better piece of wood
11306s that's that's what that's that's that
11307s comes that comes that's basically what
11309s disease advice for me is
11314s I literally walked
11332s there's like an attachment that you
11334s could put on your drill and you can
11336s screw stuff in from like a 90 degree
11338s angle
11339s awesome
11343s yeah they brought a castle I'm gonna
11345s bring uh zofia with three charges
11348s and it's really really nice
11350s how many times have I used it uh once
11353s but I specifically needed it for what
11356s like something
11360s important
11362s all right one's peaking yellow door out
11366s it's an emberrise all glitched through
11369s the doorway I'm pinging his head
11373s they're the only ones there okay can you
11375s get on my can
11379s one in uh double
11383s okay
11389s I got him I'll just use I have hard
11391s reaching Gadget just watch the door he's
11394s gonna run out of the store it is open
11396s I watch it for you then George go ahead
11403s I have flashes actually
11407s I breach them
11410s I'm not trying yellow really quickly
11417s [ __ ] that [ __ ]
11435s CEO and Becca CEO does can beg it
11440s CEO desk is packed super hard doctor
11447s I'm planting right now
11453s uh uh
11459s uh well listen
11461s uh a 90 a 90 degree drill attachment
11464s they're twenty dollars it's like all
11467s they are they're like 15 or 20 dollars
11469s and like George I'm gonna bring the the
11470s breach or something's like for a
11472s specific piece
11474s keep the flashes I don't know if you're
11476s playing
11479s last thing on the round I agree I
11482s actually did it because it was like
11483s there was there was a cabinet that I was
11485s like so there was like a lock on this
11487s cabinet that I had
11490s and I had to put a new lock on it but
11493s the way the lock worked is you you had
11494s to install it on the drawer
11497s like you had to so I actually didn't
11499s even want to lock on this cabinet really
11501s but I was like well whatever it's there
11502s and the previous owners didn't leave us
11504s a key to it so the way it was it was a
11506s drawer that locked I was like okay maybe
11508s I could like put stuff in here that like
11510s I don't want the baby getting into and
11512s stuff like I put um
11514s I have all these like little like like
11517s uh collar straighteners for like dress
11520s shirts and stuff like that I put a
11522s little stuff in there that maybe might
11523s get into I was like okay I could use it
11525s for that but the lock on it I didn't
11527s have the key so I bought a new lock
11529s and the way that I had to get into the
11531s cabinet was like with a 90 degree drill
11533s there was like literally no other way to
11534s get in there like the the drawer is only
11537s like this thick
11538s and you're not getting in there with
11540s anything else except for a 90 degree
11543s screwdriver or drill attachment so and I
11546s didn't feel like putting it in by hand
11550s so I just bought a drill attachment did
11552s you open that
11554s I also bought a manual screwdriver as
11556s well because later
11558s I ended up having to uh
11563s I had an electrical cover that was like
11566s deteriorating outside so I replaced it
11568s before I leave
11571s I replaced it with a
11574s projector
11577s listen I'm gonna jump off
11580s but there was like a pillar in the way
11582s and there was only like this much
11583s clearance for the screws
11587s so for that one I could have used a
11589s drill but there was a right there was
11591s like a 90 degree screwdriver get on that
11593s connection that was like five dollars
11595s and I was like I don't I don't think
11597s she's have a little bit more control of
11599s the
11601s screwdrivers now and whenever I need
11604s them for stuff I have them I'm holding
11605s your baguette swing
11613s really
11617s you're such a [ __ ] idiot going up
11620s yellow
11622s from the key George
11626s one's yellow one's yeah one's yellow
11628s ones
11630s and George going up yellow
11639s I can hear him
11645s that kills me
11650s he just hires me
11653s win this bro
11662s what how is this guy not dead
11669s nah bro that first time you pumped him
11672s with like three or four like he should
11674s be dead dude you need to just shoot him
11678s till they go down because you stopped
11680s shooting for almost a sec all of them
11682s all these guys are [ __ ] nerds bro gun
11686s did I make you nervous I'm sorry yeah a
11688s little bit that'll get a little
11689s embarrassed I I rappelled into CEO
11691s windows and just killed the azami so
11693s Michaela built her pyramid I don't know
11695s what she's doing
11699s yeah kid was wild
11710s that guy's chunky
11733s I don't know yeah
11735s the servers have been on fire right now
11739s I shot two drones
11742s definitely one person was gonna push up
11744s here
11746s we'll be shaving it
11750s that's three drones Visa they're
11753s probably gonna post me so yeah
11771s I wanted that kill so [ __ ] bad dude
11775s he's in printer printer printer
11778s yes
11782s he
11785s he's about to kill me he's on the pro
11787s ball for like what
11792s I killed the guy in the Drone hole it
11793s was a real zombie at reason are you [ __ ]
11795s your Narnia
11798s he's in Dolphin I think oh that's case I
11800s think I might have killed him but she
11801s dropped he might come down back back on
11803s it hold up Georgia
11811s I have case on the Drone hole he's on
11814s the skylight
11816s oh do you want me to cover it or not
11819s covered a turn from a long journey
11828s more very circled us one's yellow one's
11831s yellow
11837s they're getting their hands yeah
11846s they're droning up top like crazies on
11848s me don't rotate guys
11853s bro
11859s yo one's down spiral down spiral down
11861s spiral oh [ __ ] I need help yellow
11870s dead
11875s nice
11879s I can't see him he's not in Visa
11884s a minute left Locker double
11887s um
11888s he's walking through my security hall
11890s okay
11894s just wait wait who knows
11898s you think
11910s 30 seconds
11916s door good walkout
11926s to 15 seconds just run away if you can
11936s back way back away
11941s well play tomorrow good [ __ ] man
11946s this guy I don't know what to do
11951s he's playing Ring Around the Rosie with
11953s George
11958s yeah George just doesn't care about my
11960s KD diffusers outside [ __ ] Journal so
11962s he's just let me sit in kitchen get my
11964s pants fall down I think my [ __ ] white
11966s man
11968s played it safe dude oh
11988s let them go plan let's kill them below
11990s gonna be a bushwookie protect the bombs
11997s playing Target
12017s see that if you don't get my armor you
12019s get killed
12021s we're not getting your armor there it is
12030s there's just no way
12033s I have to make sure they can't find it
12035s and get it as valuable these days
12038s I can't leave but laying around inside
12040s what if they get sight
12044s they probably will get sight now that
12045s we're all downstairs getting armor ah
12047s you're dead have fun on cams clown
12051s you should tell them that
12054s he knows where he's going
12065s you destroyed the armors it's still down
12067s there it's still down there
12070s watch and see probably one of them will
12072s try to pick it up
12076s wouldn't be surprised
12090s the baby on the windows
12099s which is giggling the window for some
12101s reason
12108s bathroom window
12112s connector
12113s connector
12121s bottom yellow useless [ __ ] you lost the
12124s game
12130s does anybody like connect your window
12136s thank you
12138s why am I not running a long barrel
12139s that's a good question
12143s adminster adminster
12145s I'm holding the door from bathroom
12147s that's the baby guy
12151s a long Dutch birthday yellow
12164s up yellow don't get nervous
12170s Victoria
12174s that fire almost got a little out of
12176s hand there
12180s I just wanted to be scummy you said he's
12182s low
12188s who keeps using Ember eyes
12191s such a scumbag skin take it off dude
12193s that's messed up you can't use that
12199s he keeps getting MVP too which one of
12201s you guys is it dude it's [ __ ] weird
12204s yeah I'm gonna I have to take a little
12205s break
12207s I'm sorry you already got a game
12211s I'm sorry you're so [ __ ] old you're
12214s staying on
12215s I'm sorry guys
12218s I'm not sure you're not Siri and Siri
12225s what an old [ __ ]
12227s under
12228s anything I'll hit Level 1000. uh I mean
12232s supposedly this game is supposed to be
12234s around for 10 more years so yeah I mean
12237s probably eventually
12249s I love ml's cursor disappears it's
12251s always a good time
12258s uh you can start up
12260s I don't got anybody
12262s unfortunately I hope our random is not
12265s an AI
12271s they generally are
12279s hmm
12297s why was I talking about a cow in the
12299s Resident Evil 4 VOD why would I not talk
12302s about a cow in the red or VOD
12304s is
12308s you're level 828 I don't think you are
12335s I would share a cow that I bought
12339s um oh basically okay so I mean I bought
12343s a half a cow
12346s um from a farmer
12348s and normally I buy the whole thing and I
12351s split it with a friend
12352s but for this cow
12356s uh for this cow I'm just gonna take the
12357s half by myself because my buddy's moving
12360s so
12361s yeah
12363s all by myself
12366s I honestly kind of want to take the
12367s whole cow like beef prices just keep
12369s going up and up and up and up and up and
12372s if you put it in a deep freezer it it
12374s like lasts pretty much forever I mean
12376s dude the meat went up a dollar a pound
12380s nine months ago
12383s and you know when you're buying
12386s 250 pounds of beef at a time
12389s like
12390s dude I could have bought a [ __ ] deep
12392s freezer a second deep freezer and like
12394s put the rest of the cow in there and
12395s like
12397s I don't know it's kind of [ __ ]
12398s tempting
12412s don't listen to Tamu TAMU is a troll who
12416s claims to be a self-proclaimed like
12419s doctor lawyer pilot farmer whatever
12423s everything else like it's just
12426s traditionals
12436s oh
12442s okay anyway
12447s I I I think that honestly I'm
12449s considering just taking the whole cow
12451s and going like
12453s if I can get like a decent deal on a
12455s deep freezer from Costco I'm gonna buy
12457s the whole cow I think like I'd rather
12460s just have the meat on hand and I'm not
12461s trying to like dude the way that beef
12463s prices are going up lately I feel like
12465s it just kind of makes sense to like
12469s let's see about how much they are
12474s they had really good nice ones on sale
12476s for 400 at Costco actually right when I
12479s was buying my cow last time
12481s kind of [ __ ] pissed I didn't take
12482s advantage of that
12489s let's raise a cow in my living room I
12491s think that might be kind of shitty I'm
12493s not gonna lie
12495s see what the let's see what they're
12496s running in at the old Costco
12502s have to [ __ ]
12506s I wish I just bought the whole cow last
12508s well I did buy the whole cow last time
12510s but
12511s okay they have a pretty like large one
12513s they have a they have a
12518s they have a 16 cubic foot
12522s or 700 that's kind of high
12525s they had like an 18 cubic foot kind of
12528s recently for I think 500
12535s they have a GE one for a thousand it's
12537s 21.7 which is basically what I have
12540s right now but it is a deep freezer
12542s oh and this one does manual defrost
12546s s
12549s um
12551s U is just uh almir's Alt
12556s those are random East
12559s ER
12560s 1.3
12565s seems fine
12578s we are now predicted
12587s just have a generator when the power
12589s goes out I already have one well he
12592s picked mute mb5 and sprinted the library
12594s so I've given up hope already
12597s what do you mean that's not how you play
12599s the game
12601s oh he's doing the uh he's gonna try and
12604s do the running he's doing this yeah
12610s that one all the time I respect it
12613s let him be he's trying his coconut bro
12620s or what are you talking about the Deep
12622s one or both
12623s right there
12630s not really that was annoying you only
12632s got one side of it
12642s Redemption for that guy
12647s yo he is already pushed up in big garage
12661s pushing up
12664s I just put a list
12671s perimeters
12677s that's your dad
12680s they popped the wall and they ran yeah
12683s they both left unless there's like a
12685s random
12687s one's on
12689s all mirror Thank You original Three Six
12690s one three full year reset welcome back
12692s yeah
12698s supposed to snowmobile stairs
12702s he's on his holes here in the fireplace
12707s he is next to Khan she's still sludging
12711s still playing for
12714s going towards 99 day
12718s I have Goose on the staircases
12724s yep
12727s I just love fireplace cam
12732s they can
12735s kind of near ping some more this is
12737s above still hold him in lobby cam okay
12755s uh
12757s nice basically the same thing Ripper
12761s basically
12764s simply upload
12766s yeah not that I laugh while reading it
12768s because I just think it would have
12769s changed I'll be sitting there in your
12772s puffer vest as you click the share my
12773s three sub button out front door yeah
12776s probably take a quick glance or whatever
12780s in the fireplace think about how you're
12782s gonna talk about a California just to
12784s piss everybody out
12785s yeah nice perhaps I was by some bushes
12790s in a fireplace I'll wear Amber eyes
12792s making it a little more difficult
12794s Professor ugly as [ __ ] that's why all
12795s men wears them
12797s you're the scumbag running in my eyes
12800s wait what no that wasn't me
12802s that wasn't the Rook last game
12809s I don't
12813s know at all
12815s who that guy was we just played a 4b5
12821s foreign
12856s offer vest bought by his dad
12860s talks everywhere else in the world
12863s except for sack
12867s and then calls everybody else a pure
12869s American and claims he's humble
12872s oh
12877s I know you're there they had yellow
12879s pangs
12882s look at your brother split payments
12886s um
12888s they're going Library
12890s sure you do
12903s I don't want to pay for the car this
12904s month I know it's in your name can you
12906s just pay for the payment okay so yeah
12908s they just give me for free from piano
12915s I just said it's like oh wow what is
12918s going on I don't know
12921s just remember to call people pure
12923s Americans
12924s haha
12926s no I was gonna shoot a hole in him yeah
12930s sure
12935s stupid [ __ ]
12940s he's uh
12942s nah he's [ __ ] special for that one
12944s that's for sure
12945s I don't know what he's doing he's crazy
12948s swifted don't you know it was all part
12956s he's betting crypto against George
12959s is
13004s I would agree that California is
13006s basically a third world country at this
13008s point man
13014s it's not that bad
13018s George do you have any utility down here
13020s yeah you do okay
13027s I only have four candles
13037s what are you doing this from Main stairs
13046s there's a drone behind you
13054s the Explorers might they floor is my
13056s shield I got another Forest drone Taurus
13059s is on Blue window
13062s we're pulling up K9
13067s what's this guy doing Top by everyone
13068s though
13069s is he double or no
13081s he's repelling upside down waiting for a
13083s front door
13089s that guy got off of him he wants canine
13092s and we only have blue Cam really that's
13095s useful yeah
13100s where's that guy shooting DMR dmr's
13102s outside of Library double repelled
13105s easily yeah
13107s and the ones outside canine
13113s puffer vest I feel like puppies are
13116s super cool in the 80s
13122s Library only came we have is like West
13132s I think when yeah exactly I think when
13134s you like buy a Tesla they just give you
13136s like a care package where there's like a
13139s puffer vest
13140s like a Starbucks gift card and some like
13144s oxfords okay no meds in West she shot
13146s the cam the only cam we have a solar
13148s that no cams on the map of that they
13149s have no drone zombies so you're fine I
13151s think 1K mod be careful yeah
13153s the last time a puffer vessel is cool
13155s was in a back it was in back to the
13157s [ __ ] future
13159s I have a Tesla I don't have a Tesla one
13162s I got one I mean 1990 then
13164s no he's coming fireplace I have a
13166s basement I have a pickup truck that
13169s could tow a Tesla to the Dome
13171s you need to stay the [ __ ] alive when
13173s they're not making anything like stop
13175s running at them for no reason
13181s people just get bored of [ __ ] winning
13185s I was holding top fireplace and I got
13187s shocked at a window like all the way oh
13190s like he was like proned
13192s I've never seen that before
13195s a random just right now front door
13199s really
13203s I have a GMC right now front door
13206s no front door I should do all pickup
13208s truck drivers sign a contract to drive
13210s like a jackass and cut everyone off yes
13212s why would you not you have a bigger car
13215s a bigger engine
13217s and a government room why would you not
13222s should have [ __ ] held the hatch man I
13224s would have killed that kid [ __ ]
13228s so much sooner
13233s listen worse comes to worse you could
13235s just tow them away
13258s on it 10 seconds before insertion
13262s to the outside today they have uh what's
13265s called a Solas maybe because they shot
13267s my donut side so just watch for that it
13270s was a mozzie he just punched the front
13272s door George yeah I saw him do it but I'm
13274s thinking they had a Solas too maybe
13292s there's one okay
13297s so
13308s it's a trophy behind trophy right now
13319s nobody in Trophy at the moment he's
13322s holding the kitchen holes for the jumper
13328s kill flaws if you want to walk up West
13330s Main I can clear this guy out of
13332s bathroom that's gonna be hard on you
13341s wait they don't know they're done with
13343s the holes man they don't have holes made
13347s he's just closer man there's no way they
13349s bought this throne and Swinging me with
13351s a shot of you like all right I got the
13354s Jammer off the main wall I didn't
13357s actually Escape sucks
13364s why is this guy running out with like
13367s this top solar one kitchen
13370s legitimately uninstalled this game
13372s you're [ __ ] ass solar kitchen that's
13375s the same guy that just cracked the
13376s [ __ ] door and shot mine drone too
13378s with like no info
13380s kitchen
13382s there's nobody there
13383s he's on your hole now
13392s now
13403s and maybe even open these walls Ace
13406s Maybe
13410s I killed one and then catch in feet to
13413s me
13418s there's one in main lobby
13425s that that Mozzy ran out of the front
13427s door to try to go kill me when I was
13429s like putting Flores rounds
13433s I I guess
13443s I guess there's not that much room for
13444s me to be drowning I suppose I guess what
13459s are these the guys you were playing with
13460s are there Swift said
13462s no no
13469s I don't even know who's on the other
13470s team besides taka so
13473s I don't know
13476s I don't I don't know that mozzie has
13479s some knowledge that's all I'm saying
13486s with a uh bar
13490s their bar or upstairs not basically I
13494s think that's all for
13496s yeah
13498s all right let's play your library and
13500s Dover
13501s and that'll hold it pretty heavily so
13504s you know I don't know if the stream said
13506s but that guy's got some [ __ ]
13508s knowledge that's all I'm saying
13509s wherever my that guy literally cracked
13511s the door and shot my drone immediately
13513s that's not the craziest thing he ran
13516s outside you could find some
13518s justification for it I guess
13524s because like I was droning by the Drone
13526s hole and how far far can Florida before
13528s they drive
13529s so like sure I don't know but it's just
13532s it's just weird things piling out that's
13535s all
13543s it doesn't work yeah
13550s hanging around
13555s I barely cannot shoot a drone
13558s got my cam now
13567s he's so [ __ ] Master bed
13571s I just I just went out of this Lobby I
13574s just went out
13585s [ __ ] two piano one office
13597s okay that's front on the door
13608s one out four remaining
13615s then I'm a Lucy on the door the diffuser
13618s has been secured
13622s thank you
13626s yeah what's wrong you have a drone you
13628s can burn you have to
13632s lots of Kelly
13636s um I don't know I just whiffed there but
13638s I'm just annoyed this is just this is
13641s just an annoying game you've seen right
13642s now
13643s on the shield
13660s dude I ended up buying one of the
13662s weirdest things well I actually haven't
13665s bought it yet
13667s um I'm gonna end up just going to like a
13669s local store and buying it because I
13671s think it's just easier they have them on
13673s Amazon too but there's um I'll probably
13676s go tomorrow there's uh you know those
13679s old school vacuum cleaners that my I
13681s told you that my mom gave me that are
13683s [ __ ] great
13685s um I there's there's a light bulb inside
13688s of it
13690s that it's an old school incandescent
13692s light bulb
13693s and uh
13695s I need to get a replacement one because
13697s it burned out it was one of the most
13698s random things I never thought in my life
13700s that I'd buy a vacuum cleaner
13702s replacement light bulb but you know
13705s it is that day well deadly tomorrow I'll
13708s drive to the store tomorrow and get it
13709s but
13716s I haven't seen that card background
13721s we need to locate
13731s stairs
13735s I think we should just do a [ __ ] like
13737s a solar trophy solar tank
13743s I don't know if I've been Bravo though
13745s but let's see
13750s I might bring I'm always sick I have a I
13754s have a dining flooring King
13757s they're making holster West Main
13761s what store yeah uh there's like vacuum
13765s repair stores that are like all one
13767s trophy window right now
13772s where's hell fertile
13774s I'll take a master bed right side
13777s he's dead
13783s are they back up
13785s yeah it went back up
13794s I want to try and get info just give me
13796s a second
13804s I killed vigil by the way
13808s nobody was Spain right now
13811s okay one's on my bathroom door it's an
13813s arunish I'm like whiffing in the sky I
13815s don't know why it's like such an awkward
13817s angle no her like bobbing up and down
13819s like the [ __ ] bed like that it's hard
13822s to [ __ ] kill her
13827s bottom
13829s for you
13840s can't even see this guy bro he's in the
13843s top five guys one HP
13845s Library
13857s how how are you guys this easy the troll
13859s that you're believing to like okay TAMU
13862s is just a troll hey that's it you guys
13865s are getting [ __ ] trolled
13892s um
13895s but they win first downstairs
13923s what VPN uh check out expressvpn yeah
13928s good type access right VPN or go to
13930s expressvpn.com screen George so
13933s yep
13935s yep
13962s if you haven't checked
13965s um you know I've obviously talked about
13966s it a lot how important it is to have a
13968s VPN
13970s I talked about a bunch of times
13973s I thought about a bunch of times how
13975s like important is to have a VPN uh to
13977s protect you online like protect your
13979s privacy
13980s um obviously when you choose one though
13981s it's also important to choose a good VPN
13984s as well
13985s um a lot of the three vpns and stuff
13988s like that they will
13990s uh give up your logs and all that kind
13992s of stuff and give up all your
13994s information or sell your information
13997s um but yeah uh especially PM doesn't log
14000s your activity
14002s um you know most of the free or cheap
14004s really cheap ones sell your data
14006s advertisers but expresslyn develop the
14008s technology called trusted server that
14010s makes their VPN servers incapable of
14012s storing data so that's what's good about
14015s them
14016s um they also use lightweight it's a VPN
14018s protocol that injured to make speeds
14019s faster than ever
14021s um so when you're a lot of vpns are not
14023s really fast enough to game on but
14025s then fast enough to
14028s to use right like doesn't even make a
14030s difference between anything and your
14032s regular internet
14033s or using expressvpn so yeah good yup
14038s stream videos play games everything
14042s um and it's just really easy to use so
14046s I'm really fast so close Piano Man
14050s it's really easy to use when you install
14052s the software it's just literally one
14054s click and you're connected or you can
14056s select which server you want so
14058s do above one was man
14060s where's the guy about us I can help you
14062s with him he's piano double okay can we
14065s get the wall yeah yeah
14067s ultimately
14070s oh
14073s I got the main breach
14075s as well
14079s yo [ __ ] my blue whole basement blue
14081s whole basement blue
14083s so I'm gonna go hold basement blue
14085s all right I got the warden that was like
14087s far
14088s I have [ __ ]
14096s yeah yeah
14097s he's on the blue stairs all right if he
14101s goes up I have him you got him he's dead
14103s he's dead
14105s nice pulses on the main Bridge somewhere
14108s inside
14113s somewhere
14114s just around a zombie as well
14117s 30 seconds
14121s from all the way in basement
14126s also West Main now
14134s what's man for sure
14138s walked into dining
14140s they're just playing the clock yeah they
14143s know they have carrier
14149s he's in the [ __ ] the [ __ ] corner
14159s anyway check it out
14162s um you know especially being is the
14163s number one rid of VPN by Tech Raider
14166s Verge and a bunch of other Tech Turtles
14167s they're sponsoring the stream this month
14168s so check them out expressvpn.com King
14170s George we buy one year plan you get
14173s three months extra for free and at a
14176s great deal so check out extra VPN or
14178s expresscpn.com
14179s hello everybody good option
14182s [ __ ] that was an running around to lose
14184s man
14189s all right uh
14198s I think so listen just trying like epics
14206s protect the bombs
14209s oh I don't know Mayo probably yeah
14213s think so
14218s dumb Clinic
14241s down to 10 seconds
14262s you can't take you can't take almer's
14265s job of trolling how is he gonna pay for
14267s his Tesla this guy the last time pushed
14270s the fridge Hall really fast
14282s we're outside front wall
14284s okay do you have an impact yeah
14302s he's in game somewhere
14304s packing up
14311s we don't have Chef for blue
14319s go one tab from Trench
14323s once in bars
14328s pretty far down
14330s uh angel I think the four months ggs
14333s well hopefully we can get this to be
14335s good can it hit some of the goo I think
14337s that's gotta be like backside somewhere
14339s maybe
14347s um
14353s he's trench oh my God
14357s he says you're so coordinated
14361s Mains that mainstad means that
14365s all right we have a blue cams sound only
14367s this the timing
14388s it's banned yeah
14406s ugh
14412s that's such sweaty games today for some
14414s reason [ __ ] Sunday should be freebies
14421s uh yeah I don't know
14436s ever even seen any of these people in my
14439s life
14455s okay well I don't know whatever those
14458s guys are [ __ ] atrocious like
14461s I don't get it
14463s I don't get all people are like so bad
14465s or just so blessed when they play us
14467s it's weird
14469s I don't know
14471s take a break
14483s same is good
14487s all right
14488s respectable I have no idea why I'm only
14491s respectable like
14492s it doesn't make sense but whatever I'm
14495s gonna take a quick piss be right back
14719s all right
14725s taking fat bong rips
14728s uh
14731s bud
14732s I live
14735s clean light okay
14738s I live the clean life out here ow
14745s I'm a good
14748s good clean man
14750s I'm gone
14753s being a doctor is easy is it easier than
14756s being a troll
14768s whiskey I had some Hennessy the other
14770s day
14772s I had some Hennessy and a cigar
14776s and to see wack brother
14779s that stuff's real freaking good
14784s I actually mostly drink bourbon but yeah
14787s I did I did have some Hennessy White
14790s was it a Cuban yeah it actually was it
14793s actually was I got him as a gift
14797s I got him as a gift
14800s back when they were like legal to I
14803s think they still are legal right you can
14804s like import them
14806s but you can't like buy them in the US I
14808s think or some [ __ ] there was like some
14810s like weird
14812s there were some like weird rules uh
14815s I don't normally smoke cube in
14817s cigarettes because they're expensive and
14819s they're honestly not even like the best
14822s you drink the most expensive whiskey
14825s well it's a gallon well mcallen's a
14829s scotch
14831s close enough whatever
14840s uh John B are they the prime sub uh four
14844s months welcome back yo-yo
14849s an Apple TV no I I only literally drink
14852s like
14854s I don't I don't
14856s if I have a mixed drink I'll only have a
14858s mixed drink if I'm at like a like a bar
14861s that has like craft cocktails and
14863s they're like known for it other than
14864s that I I just drink like neat Urban
14870s because you can't really [ __ ] it up
14876s there's an evil later yeah we'll play
14878s Resident Evil
14880s ever black ice and cosmetic uh a lot of
14884s them a lot of them yeah
14900s mm-hmm
14928s uh I don't really like
14931s smoke cigars or drink often I've talked
14933s about a lot but yeah it's pretty rare
14937s um I will occasionally though
14939s occasionally I do
14944s your dad was on his way back to the US
14946s from Cuba and the Border rest stopped
14948s him excavated cigars as long as your dad
14949s replied it's full of cigars and the
14951s guard started and said go on through uh
14953s well you're allowed to have them now
14955s like from what I understand at least
14958s there definitely was a period of time
14960s that you were able to and uh funny
14963s enough one of my friends who's like
14965s really into cigars and he like always
14967s wanted a Cuban cigars he literally went
14970s to Cuba specifically for that and uh
14974s when he went he brought me back uh he
14977s brought me back a box of humans
14980s so
14982s there Cohibas
14986s so he's like massively massive in the
14988s cigars and he uh he hooked it up
14994s February of 2022 uh I've had them for
14997s like a lot longer than that I've had
14999s them for like
15000s a few years now
15012s all right we're getting [ __ ] on the day
15014s what are we three and [ __ ] five we're
15016s killing it [ __ ] killing it out here
15019s dude
15023s oh bad day of Hilo dude bad day of Elo
15035s you found Olivia Connecticut Reserve at
15037s a smoke shop today those things are good
15040s um Olivia makes like solid cigars
15044s they're good I would I would say
15046s Olivia's are like solid and they're
15048s really good for the money too funny
15050s enough that's actually what I smoke a
15052s lot too when I smoke cigars because
15054s they're like when you buy them online
15056s they go on sale like from time to time
15059s for like three to four dollars
15063s something illegal to bring Cuban Goods
15064s like alcohol in the back of the US but
15066s no one's ever stopped anyone uh it was
15068s legal for a while I mean I literally
15070s remember I had a friend who specifically
15071s went there for that reason because like
15073s they changed the law and he's like he
15076s has a like cigar like room like a
15079s walk-in humidor like in his house
15083s uh and he has a smoking room in his
15085s house he smokes cigars like daily like
15088s he's like [ __ ] huge into cigars
15090s though there was definitely a time I
15092s remember him telling me about it
15113s um
15114s weed is okay
15117s no wheat is very bad for you like for
15119s your lungs it really is so I mean some
15122s like cigars you don't actually inhale
15124s them
15124s uh they're obviously bad for you too you
15127s do obviously inhale some of the cigar
15129s smoke
15130s like because like when you like you what
15132s you do when you smoke a cigars you'll
15133s smoke it you'll you'll pull air you hold
15136s it in your mouth they get the taste and
15138s then you blow it out you're not supposed
15140s to actually inhale any of it
15142s um
15143s so yeah
15144s you're not supposed to inhale any of it
15147s um obviously when you're like you know
15150s pushing that smoke out you're probably
15152s going to breathe some of it in so you
15153s probably breathe a little bit of it in
15156s you know but yeah
15158s wheat is [ __ ] horrific for your lungs
15161s though like it's actually really bad for
15163s your lungs people will yeah weed weed
15166s Defenders will like die on this [ __ ]
15168s Hill but it's pretty terrible for you
15170s THC has you know you know T specifically
15174s is really the good part about weed the
15176s part that's like kind of good for you
15177s potentially are like CBDs and stuff like
15180s that right not really THC which is what
15183s gets you high and even if you're going
15184s to get high and you want that portion of
15186s it you'd probably be better off doing
15187s like Edibles and stuff I guess at that
15189s point
15191s it was legal to bring back cigars
15192s tobacco uh from 2014 from six years
15196s until September 2022. that makes sense
15199s because like
15201s um I got them as like around
15205s I got them way after that honestly it
15208s was like around like when I got
15214s I don't know it was like
15215s probably what
15219s 2022 was like the last time that was
15221s when it was before I moved into this
15223s house I've had them for a few years
15225s you said 2022 even 2020. yeah I've had
15228s them for a few years because I'm trying
15230s to think like I definitely got them and
15231s I still lived with my parents so that's
15233s at least
15234s two years ago
15236s and I don't I wasn't even engaged yet at
15238s the time so
15241s that's at least like three years
15251s tar breaks down easier than tobacco
15255s I mean cigarettes are bad for you and
15257s weed is bad for you
15260s you've been smoking weed since middle
15262s school and you're 26 now you could
15263s perfectly run a mile without dying I
15265s don't know what that's supposed to
15267s convince I know people who smoke a pack
15269s of cigarettes a day they're in really
15271s good shape
15272s and they [ __ ] run they [ __ ] work
15275s out they play sports that doesn't that
15277s doesn't even like doesn't mean anything
15278s I don't know what that means like
15286s foreign
15290s I'm not saying that like there's not
15292s potential like good medicinal effects of
15295s weed what I'm saying is like most of it
15297s is not really THC it's generally CBD
15300s like the thing that helps your uncle
15301s with absolutely is probably CBD
15304s I highly doubt it was THC THC is more
15307s like
15309s really only useful for like maybe like
15311s pain mitigation and stuff like that kind
15313s of sometimes like we're just getting
15315s high like who gives like if you want to
15317s just get high it's fine but it's it's
15320s just very funny when people like promote
15321s weed it's it's just like disingenuous
15324s right if you just say like I'm just
15326s trying to [ __ ] smoke some weed and
15328s get high as [ __ ] you know like that's
15329s fine like okay I respect that like there
15333s you go like just say that
15335s like don't sell it as like something
15337s like medicinally generally speaking like
15339s medicinally it's like the parts really
15342s won't get you high that they're
15344s medicinal
15359s your dad's like 50 cigars because he was
15361s like 13 so we got the chance he took it
15363s I actually have like a good amount of
15365s cigars I have like probably over 100
15367s cigars which is like compared to other
15369s people it's not that much but it's like
15371s a decent amount I guess I have about a
15373s hundred probably give or take
15376s so I've gotten like most a lot of his
15378s gifts and some of them I get when I'm on
15381s sale when they're on sale and stuff
15383s because cigars when they're on sale is
15384s like a huge price difference like if you
15386s go to a smoke shop cigar that's like 15.
15389s 16 17 18 20 at a smoke shop and go on
15393s sale online a lot of times for like
15395s three so it's like a huge [ __ ] price
15399s difference
15400s so generally it makes sense if there's
15402s certain things that like you like or if
15405s you have friends and family that like
15406s certain things then it makes sense when
15408s when the time comes when they're on sale
15410s just to grab it and they don't go bad
15412s you know just throw it in the humidor
15413s and that's it
15425s and like I said I I don't soak a lot of
15428s cigars I smoke like
15429s maybe a few a year maximum
15434s like maybe like two three a year
15442s like and that's I don't know a lot of
15444s years there's even less frankly than
15446s that
15449s all right
15462s bro I keep seeing all these like really
15464s high level accounts that are like
15466s never mind I thought this was that's
15467s like out the stolen account
15470s uh let's go
15483s so a six foot cigar
15485s I guess you can kind of do anything
15491s we have proxy on our team
15494s do we have who
15497s maybe a proxy on our team
15499s like Braxton no braxy oh I'm French
15502s Canadian man I don't know who that is we
15506s play with him
15508s uh last day they tried 40 monthries well
15511s back John ba if they trip four months uh
15515s uh I don't remember
15517s that guy specifically
15520s my bad
15525s um anyone that smoked weed for a long
15527s time knows their lungs could be better
15528s if they didn't smoke do you feel like
15530s people stick up for weed so much so
15531s they're still in the Puppy Love Stage
15533s with Lee with weed anyone knows that
15535s it's a drug and it also affects your
15537s lungs yes I mean it's like fine uh last
15540s saying though thank you very much 40
15541s months it's just like it's one of those
15543s things where like uh
15547s I don't know it's one of those topics
15548s that like
15550s it it annoys me a little bit of how like
15554s the same people that will complain about
15556s you know
15558s same people that will complain about uh
15561s I don't know
15563s people villainizing video games right
15566s people villainize like the media
15568s villainizing video games because they
15569s just blame them for everything this is
15571s an example right are the same people
15573s that will like get mad they'll see
15576s people that will like parrot that like
15577s weed is like a [ __ ] miracle drug and
15580s there's like no negative side effects
15581s and like it's the greatest thing ever
15586s it's like just be you know
15591s to be honest about it just say like hey
15593s like you know
15594s I feel like it's pretty easy just be
15596s like hey if you want you know I
15598s personally don't smoke weed it's fine if
15600s you do I don't really care if you do
15602s um but just say you know hey like
15605s you like smoking weed it's fine
15608s but
15610s you know that's it
15614s is someone who's a stoner for a long
15616s time it pisses you off as well
15618s yeah it's just weird
15620s it's like people just like there's
15621s certain like
15622s Optics and stuff like that that people
15624s just like lose their [ __ ] minds over
15626s and like any and oh [ __ ] I clicked your
15630s face I clicked your face
15633s there's one out in the parking lot and
15635s there's one on repel and they're opening
15636s the wall I could have just turned this
15642s has anyone died from weed we're talking
15644s about lung cancer and yes from that has
15647s anybody died from smoking cigarettes
15650s I don't know maybe that one I don't
15652s really know can you smoke too many
15653s cigarettes and die
15655s foreign
15679s yeah people most definitely die of lung
15681s cancer from smoking weed like that's not
15682s even a [ __ ] maybe like it's an
15684s absolute yes
15689s how do you buy G fuel uh type X's
15692s instrument G fuel click the link use
15694s code King George
15700s um
15703s even if you can't die from it just be
15705s realistic about what it does people act
15707s like it has no negative side effects
15708s right that's all I'm saying is like I'm
15710s saying if you want to smoke weed it's
15711s fine wheat is legal in my state I don't
15714s smoke I voted for it to be legal
15716s right when it came here and stuff like
15718s that I I have no problems with that
15721s but it's it is very annoying to hear
15724s people just be like act like it's just
15726s like there's nothing there's no negative
15727s side effects it's the greatest thing
15729s since sliced spread everybody should
15730s smoke every day every second every
15732s minute
15733s there's you know no you know you can't
15736s get lung cancer from it but you can like
15739s it happens all the time like no one dies
15741s from weed see that's the stupid [ __ ]
15743s people type
15755s 10 seconds to go
15761s one on four remaining
15764s nice friendly Victorious
15772s thank you
15774s everybody overdoses for me is way
15776s different than nobody dies from me but
15778s that's literally what's like that's a
15779s little bit someone typed word for word
15781s I'll read it has anyone died from weed
15782s question mark asking the question like
15785s basically saying like you're an idiot
15786s has anyone died from it therefore it's
15788s not bad well yes they have
15793s you're the only one who's never any
15794s negative side effects from it uh well I
15796s mean
15799s the whole point is that it's something
15801s that's like long term that happens it's
15803s not like
15808s foreign
15812s cancer it's a simple Google search
15815s there's literally no [ __ ] way
15818s hey I'm wrong I'm open to being wrong if
15821s I am but like there's there's basically
15822s like no [ __ ] hearing
15825s yeah I mean that's it's all like
15827s anecdotal evidence I'll give you an
15829s example dude one of my uncles okay one
15832s of my uncles on my mom's side
15838s three packs of cigarettes a day and he
15841s didn't even smoke like little [ __ ]
15843s cigarettes he smoked uh was the [ __ ]
15846s brand of cigarettes that he smoked it
15847s was something [ __ ] insane they were
15849s uh some like European cigarettes that
15851s were unfiltered for [ __ ] like 80
15854s years he was like 10 years old not
15856s Newports it was like way worse uh I
15859s forgot what it was anyway for 80 years
15861s this guy Smoked Cigarettes
15867s 80 years this guy sold three packs of
15870s cigarettes a day like the worst [ __ ]
15872s cigarettes you could smoke he drank like
15875s crazy drank Hennessy like every [ __ ]
15877s day he died with no [ __ ] ailments at
15879s 90.
15882s it's just all [ __ ] like that's like
15884s it that I mean from that then you can
15886s conclude cigarettes are not bad well
15888s obviously they're [ __ ] terrible for
15890s you
15909s I forgot what they're called there's
15912s some strong ass [ __ ] cigarettes I
15914s want to say they start with an m or
15916s something
15920s they're called blend definitely so
15922s something with an m
15930s not moral bro bro come on man not
15933s Mavericks I think I don't know let's see
15942s uh rothman's that's it it was not with
15944s an end it was rothman's dude rothmans
15947s are [ __ ] disgusting
15949s oh my God bro those things are [ __ ]
15951s crazy before
15955s he smoked like literally three [ __ ]
15957s packs of those [ __ ] a day
15997s you were a very chronic weed smoker for
15999s three years straight you never smoke
16000s cigarettes you quit for six months and
16002s you still cough up black stuff I.E
16005s residue
16011s uh
16014s uh your mom knew a guy who just went to
16016s Summer mountains that guy and his
16017s daughter begged him to quit smoking as
16019s soon as he did he died like three days
16021s later damn
16028s foreign
16032s my whole point is
16034s wheat is bad for you
16037s it might not be as bad as other things
16039s potentially right but it's not good for
16042s you that's all I'm saying that's it
16047s uh it's not a [ __ ] miracle drug
16051s it has positive effects but most of
16055s those are in forms of concentrate as
16056s well
16065s 10 seconds remains
16071s five seconds to insertion okay bro get
16073s the [ __ ] out of my stream and just play
16074s the game please
16076s [ __ ] like why are people like this dude
16083s uh
16096s you don't want tar up your lungs then
16098s just do edibles yeah that makes more
16101s sense honestly
16108s they're opening our main wall
16116s s
16125s bro
16137s get everyone offside
16141s or it's fine
16147s I died let's go inside get stuck on a
16151s cabin do you feel like uh you can just
16153s type expositional gpule
16171s I was one second late on this guy from
16174s upstairs
16174s all good
16185s yeah I mean everything everything's
16190s all I'm saying is
16193s oral the story is right going back to
16196s the original thing
16199s going back to the original thing
16201s uh you know
16203s I don't care if you smoke weed once
16205s again when it was the vote to legalize
16207s it where I live was up I voted to
16209s legalize it even though I don't smoke
16211s personally it's fine people can do
16213s whatever the [ __ ] they want right as
16215s long as they're not driving that's a
16216s whole other issue
16218s um or like whatever doing dangerous
16220s activities basically while they're high
16222s uh but yeah on that have fun do whatever
16225s the [ __ ] you want uh it's just not a
16227s miracle thing that has no negative side
16228s effects and all that [ __ ] right
16232s um yeah it just sells negative side
16233s effects especially like uh that's a bug
16235s tar in your lungs and black [ __ ] and
16237s your lungs were smoking there's no way
16238s that's good for you right so yeah you're
16242s like most of the positive effects
16246s generally speaking
16248s so that's it
16259s I can see your phone yes but you walk
16262s over here you're drawing
16265s not be there at all
16273s I think for Edibles like
16277s there's ways that you can like also
16279s produce more out of the hatch
16282s um
16283s for a lot of people
16286s um
16291s um for a
16294s stairs
16309s tough rough
16312s all right I'm done taking uh breachers
16322s foreign
16360s this guy's so lit
16363s [ __ ] man just get me out of here
16375s stupid [ __ ] oryx players bro
16379s why Mrs Eddie
16384s Eddie's nice shooting it is
16386s time for me to
16394s uh
16396s not playing consumer threesome welcome
16398s back
16408s there's a [ __ ] oryx player at the
16410s bottom of red down ran away
16412s by chance
16415s no this guy pushed up Cs and knifed our
16418s guys red
16420s droning
16425s I was aiming at the head
16431s George put that guy definitely to one HP
16433s I think George was the guy won he was
16436s literally one I was aiming super high
16439s and he crouched under my scope and
16440s killed me
16449s that is [ __ ] said
16454s it is what it is so the bigger video we
16458s should have just gone uh on Rappel
16460s faster I got the opening pick okay
16464s I don't know alcohol is by the way
16467s speaking of the alcohol too like I said
16469s like I don't really drink that often but
16471s I will say it's crazy lately how like
16474s alcohol has become like
16476s oh it's like fine like it's it have you
16479s guys noticed that for whatever reason
16480s too it's just been like pushed like it's
16483s been pushed societally as a whole like
16486s not just weed but like alcohol too is
16489s just like oh it just like wine night
16491s what the [ __ ] girls
16493s oh I gotta have a beer while I watch the
16495s game like it's just like I don't know
16497s it's like for whatever reason it gets
16498s like pushed like that you always need to
16500s be like [ __ ] up basically at like any
16502s situation in general
16507s your mission is to locate and Defuse The
16512s fuse
16518s oh I just need to like I just need to
16520s have a drink with like dinner or lunch
16522s and then I gotta have another one to
16524s like wind down the night like
16526s I don't know dude it's [ __ ] weird oh
16528s it's been like
16538s changing Max he's just been a sweat Fest
16541s today
16545s oh
16547s honestly
16550s just just [ __ ] hit
16552s I don't even care anymore
16557s just [ __ ] end it
16574s 10 shots in you'd think he might drop
16577s down and try to go for it
16580s try to run on the hatch where you could
16582s die super easily oh God no
16599s this is a full Champion Lobby by the way
16602s got any reminder
16607s crazy this guy just hears somebody
16613s yeah I think he was like
16622s right yeah I mean like there's nothing
16624s nothing wrong with having a drink or a
16627s smoke or whatever in my opinion you know
16630s but uh the whole in moderation thing is
16634s definitely uh
16639s definitely been
16641s like lost a little bit there for sure
16649s oh I'm not even kidding dude like I I
16652s have some like friends and stuff like
16654s that and I've told them like hey like
16655s that's you know
16658s I've told them before I was like I think
16659s you should you know might have a [ __ ]
16661s problem like seriously I have some
16663s friends and stuff like that where they
16664s smoke like all the [ __ ] time and
16667s other friends who drink like all the
16669s time like
16671s like oh like you know I gotta have like
16674s a like you know it's like they're on
16675s like like dude they think we're still
16676s like we're like in college
16678s and [ __ ]
16681s five seconds remaining
16684s I have friends that smoke like 10 joints
16686s a day
16688s like there's no way that's [ __ ] like
16689s that
16691s foreign
16694s boys it's my last
16699s time for Resident Evil yeah I I I just
16702s can't anymore oh
16704s all right remember that bush Gigi's
16706s that's my last
16708s all right
16711s [ __ ] this dude
16715s today is just a weird day for see Missy
16718s think of the Prime sub
16722s eat 15 apples well everything is in
16724s moderation right like
16726s I don't think it's a big deal to have us
16728s you know uh is you know it's all about
16730s like control right if you can't control
16731s it then you shouldn't have it at all
16733s that's
16735s anything is bad oh [ __ ] I reel on C John
16738s wanna please
16743s it's going to be Sunday Sundays are well
16746s it depends Sundays are either normally
16748s like easy games or there's cheater
16749s Sunday when a bunch of the cheats are up
16751s that there's like [ __ ] non-stop
16753s cheaters I don't know like what the case
16756s is today exactly but
16759s yeah there's like normally like obscene
16762s amounts of it sometimes
16766s I joined today's zimbabs has a slight
16768s chance of developing lung cancer uh I
16771s don't know I don't know I mean I think
16772s if you're doing something daily like
16775s that I I don't personally for me that
16777s would be too much anything like I
16779s wouldn't want to have a drink every day
16780s either hey is it Dr renzie
16784s cigars can give you throat cancer
16785s exactly which is why I have them in
16788s extreme moderation like literally like
16790s two to three a year
16792s right so you're talking like one every
16794s like four to six months
16796s if that there's been years where I don't
16798s even smoke one
16799s you know