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1s I had
2s 5595 ELO over 1150 matches That season
8s not bad
9s but know that I was Diamond then there
11s was no no such thing as Champion back
13s then
23s I really want to play night Haven right
25s now
26s um all protein diet like a 32 month
28s three simple back have birthday not my
29s birthday protein but hopefully you are
31s doing well
36s came out number as yep funny enough the
38s sweatiest uniformis skin combo in
41s history is also lines up directly with
44s when Champion came out
48s I actually remember I hit I think I was
50s one of the first people on Earth to hit
52s Champion when it came out like I
54s literally hit it within like
56s and I remember when I almost got it I
58s was at 499 and I thought I was gonna get
61s it that one game I did end up getting it
63s it took me a second game after
147s I need to use your drone to locate a
149s bomb dude
161s put that check tracker
176s I think these guys don't have like stats
179s but they have stats that like
182s impersonate they have names that
184s impersonate cheaters that recently got
186s banned so we'll see how this goes I
188s guess
191s that's how I came back lips
194s we'll see
210s [Applause]
216s honors player right now
223s and the reminder
226s I'll give them a call
234s yo uh Ayanna can you come over here I'll
236s uh I'll burn you can just need right
238s here
241s next time
285s dude why are you flashing
291s [ __ ]
297s ing back
304s four eliminated
306s [Music]
316s oh
319s I'm gonna make a video on Champion rank
321s too you'll you guys will see I think I
324s think that one people will like a lot
326s too so if you guys haven't seen like the
328s new Direction then I'm gonna go with
329s with my YouTube channel
332s um
332s the videos are going to be gameplay
335s obviously as a background but I'm mostly
338s gonna be like talking over the videos
341s like so the volume will be like really
342s low in the background and I'll mostly be
344s talking about like a certain topic you
347s know and I'll have like certain maybe
348s like Clips or images and stuff like that
351s to support whatever I'm talking about so
353s I'm gonna have a really long video on
354s rank 2.0 and my thoughts on it it'll
356s probably be like
357s 15 20 minute video of me just like
360s talking about how I feel about it and
362s stuff and the goal for all the videos is
364s to have them be all really high quality
366s and covering a topic that's actually
368s important
370s um or covering a theme or being about
372s something important instead of just like
373s the normal
376s instead of just the normal uh highlight
379s video number 632 and it won't be stream
382s highlights playing in the background
384s it'll be uh it'll be like actual
388s gameplay recorded directly off my pc
390s it's from when I'm streaming yeah
394s I think you guys I think people will
396s like the new con five seconds more
398s Direction than it's that it's gonna be
400s in
406s so
413s I thought about it I'm like
417s uh once I'm balcony right now works
422s I feel like people still come here for
423s gameplay and stuff too but I think a lot
426s of people walk the stream nowadays too
427s just to you know hang out and chat and
430s stuff like that
432s I was like you know what I feel like I
434s should incorporate that into videos it
436s works isn't break rooms
445s so I hope you guys like the new
447s direction of the YouTube channel and
448s stuff
468s do you have an EMP
472s hold on I could try to I could try to
474s move this just cover
477s Ed
481s oh they did they open that mirror made
483s it all from was he just peeking he's
485s just peeking the side of it okay
487s did I ever show my secret Canal cam spot
490s oh they patched like the thing that made
493s the cam work
495s so there used to be a thing where if you
498s timed it properly you could throw a
501s camera at the red wall as the round
504s started and it would rock at the [ __ ]
506s camera like across the map
508s if you timed it correctly
510s so I basically had a cam that I would
513s throw out of the window and it would
514s stick to one of the [ __ ] antennas out
515s in Narnia and it was [ __ ] crazy you
518s could see like everybody on Red Roof
520s it was it was a really good cam but I
523s talked about it but I was never able to
524s like replicate it basically because they
526s like patched that feature of the game
530s basically
532s so
536s we need to locate
538s thank you
540s well that was the trick
543s I don't think many people yeah it was
545s kind of a bug to be honest but I mean it
548s wasn't illegal I act like I remember
550s asking an admin about it back in the day
552s and he said it was illegal so
557s back and this is back when I played
559s professionally I was saving it actually
561s for like uh
564s I was gonna save it for like the
567s I think I was gonna save it for like an
569s event but they ended up taking Canal out
572s of pro league so that's why I started
574s talking about it on stream
579s yeah
581s your mission is to locate and defuse a
583s bomb
595s there is a lot of cool cameras that you
597s could do with that it doesn't works on
600s the balcony right now
604s crank window
610s office is clear
614s to drop a drone in mind
618s here I hear somebody in my break area I
620s don't know where
624s Batman NGK I don't know
628s I still see him playing from like time
630s to time
642s oh my God please let me pass
655s I got the cloth
694s foreign
737s [Music]
744s chat
752s nvk was last seated he was last and
755s challengingly and he was talking a lot
756s of [ __ ] good
757s let him talk his [ __ ]
762s half The Challenge League players are
764s pieces of [ __ ] anyway they probably
765s deserve it
767s [Music]
771s I don't have souls I do what do you mean
774s bam
779s I'm so glad they made it so you can't
781s get [ __ ] prank questions when making
783s a real estate I know it's literally the
786s best
787s the worst was like when you would like
789s be like making impact rotate someone
791s walks in front of you
795s what do you think
798s everyone lost them they're lost Health
800s when that was a kid you'd be down to
802s like 20 your teammate would be down the
803s twenties yeah and I feel like too
807s there's uh I feel like there's less
809s people just team killing for no [ __ ]
810s reason now that you can't yeah yeah
816s people are too busy sticking their faces
818s in Windows yeah just forgot about you
821s [Music]
824s don't believe me
830s I hate this operator bro I [ __ ] hate
833s Shields all right there's one East Monte
836s I kill the BB and there's a known toward
839s breach oh you might be able to get him
841s if you run out right now
843s yes if you're at work
844s yeah he's right here
849s that's double hit too so you can just
851s run out of it if you need to
862s Auntie is literally just an operator for
865s bad players to feel useful
887s [Applause]
890s I got the monster
894s all right let's carry her down and break
897s yo there's a drone on East behind New
899s York
906s 90 in monitor
910s playing the wall
915s one up four remaining
918s are the Game Zone pretty good so far I
920s mean I've been I've been playing Super
922s well but I actually
925s [Applause]
928s um
941s uh
943s we're actually three and four but
947s I don't know some of the earlier games
950s were the ones that were bad
953s because we just like it was yeah
956s I had people on my team who were like
958s we're playing cheaters I'm just gonna
960s throw every round
963s oh don't don't do that please
968s crap
969s bro you're spamming bets and you
971s literally bet for me to win already are
973s you spamming bets when you actively
975s already have a bed in
978s well that's not important okay let me
980s tell you something what if I want to bet
981s on my bets bet okay huh
985s a few Shields
995s last game
998s dude oh yeah you're right whatever
1003s George you should make uh
1005s like the redeem points thing you should
1008s make one of them like enough points
1010s where we could redeem it so you have to
1012s run Montague
1013s so I know you got beef with montane oh I
1016s hate that operator
1019s I'm actually not bad
1022s honestly because I played I played so
1024s many cheaters I'm actually kind of
1026s decent at him now
1027s Lexington County
1033s to be able to bet on margin bro what do
1035s you [ __ ] think this [ __ ] is
1038s margin bets and [ __ ] twitch Channel
1041s points
1042s I'm gonna get [ __ ] margin called for
1044s your for your points
1065s there's a nomad on the East balcony and
1069s I don't know I heard of Monty again too
1074s they might have stolen some of our cams
1076s if they have a Bravo I have 90 bottom
1078s workshop and
1084s I'll rotate them
1093s okay they stole 90 Cam and they have a
1096s they have a Monty in office
1113s loading new magazine
1118s and I was always nice for the first game
1120s that I've ruins your desire to play the
1121s game unlucky
1125s those are just happen yeah
1135s no
1139s such above
1150s all right Monty's coming east there
1156s last came when you're up is outside
1158s works on it
1164s can you hear me when I talk in game
1166s chatter now oh nice
1168s Monty is uh well I don't know I just
1170s keep it off in general so okay
1177s Monty jumped in to be
1180s the last one's Workshop
1185s who shot the last game
1187s oh whoa
1195s get his ass he's gotta reload down to 15
1198s seconds
1206s um
1215s yeah he like ran and stopped yeah I
1218s didn't hear him past that either
1224s oh my God what is this
1227s given fat ass sludge
1230s happy and uniform dude oh that's [ __ ]
1233s Captain I'm stupid I thought that was
1234s Sledge for a second it's the twitch
1237s prime one
1238s three
1239s it is free
1244s [Music]
1246s do you hear that you guys
1251s [Music]
1255s so much now
1259s how much should I get let me see I got
1262s 75 75
1266s I only have like probably 20 games
1268s played this season oh okay that's why
1277s yo I was thinking about recently I still
1279s remember the one of the first like days
1281s that you ever came to the PC I played
1283s with you
1284s remember you came in now oh yeah you
1286s fragged over Molly and you were like
1287s bronze
1289s that was so funny
1293s oh
1295s he would always message me and tell me
1297s to come hop in the stack with you guys
1299s and I was literally like brand new and I
1301s was like bro like there's no way I still
1303s feel looked down to look at like to move
1306s foreign
1310s by cheaters and [ __ ] playing like all
1313s the high ranked like pros and stuff
1316s I'm still looking down at my wasd seeing
1319s how to move
1320s trial by fire
1322s yep
1327s Good Times I'll even play anymore by the
1330s way
1331s nah he hasn't played in like two years
1333s probably no
1336s I didn't see him in a while he was just
1338s like
1338s I stopped playing with him at one point
1340s because he after