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Transcript (by Youtube)

1s wow
3s multiverse up
5s i swear to god
12s all right so who do we got uh we got
14s shaggy
16s wait you've got cl uh
18s go oh my god global cosmetics i'm
21s thinking i gotta go with the bugs
23s he's a real rap scallion a classic from
27s my time period my era and for that
29s reason i'm in there
30s oh
31s look at this guy
34s oh i got ate by jake
38s what the [ __ ]
40s how come i can't
42s that's my hold on wait
46s i don't know what any of my shits do
48s what the [ __ ] was that
51s i i can't charm him
55s i keep it in neutral wide i don't
56s understand why
63s it's not fine i don't know what i'm
65s doing here
66s i don't know how to stop doing that how
68s did i use my my
70s wrong way
72s he's at 142 just kiss him
75s that's embarrassing
79s wait really
81s i haven't even died yet what's happening
85s oh you can steer that
94s all right i figured out my my bread and
95s butter
97s no
98s just stay alive
102s wait what
106s all right that was chaotic i probably
108s should have learned what all my attacks
109s do but uh i feel like i didn't even die
111s that round i keep hitting neutral wide i
114s don't understand why
116s i don't know how to do oh my god i don't
118s know how to do anything run it back
121s run it back turbo style should have
124s brought up oh training grounds
132s that's my up a
134s wait that's
135s that's [ __ ] up i can juggle the [ __ ]
137s out of somebody hey taz come here
142s why i don't know how to
144s all right how does
145s somebody who's played this game tell me
147s what the [ __ ] i just did
149s wait it comes back down
160s all right the movement in this game is
162s is pretty nuts with the uh
165s that'll work wait what
170s you need the eye
172s you know they say the tasmanian devils
174s in the tasmanian details
177s shut up
187s i feel like i'm just spamming that
189s so jay can just become cars and [ __ ]
192s does each like little vehicle have a
193s different ability
208s he's throwing
211s defeat
214s who the [ __ ] is rhyme dog
216s finn's the name fighting evil's my game
219s play finn
223s al is he shooting jerry at me
226s yeah that was that's kind of spammy
229s i don't know what i just did with that
232s oh i can teleport to it what the [ __ ]
243s al he didn't even want to hit me
245s i didn't mean to do that oh i'm healing
256s why are you hanging out at the top of
258s the map
264s dude i'm unkillable
274s what the [ __ ] is this character
277s jesus
278s this character is so strong
282s it's the double it's the fact that i can
284s basically i can
286s that's so crazy
288s i can like chase them off the map
293s like that like why
296s he's dead
296s oh no i hit him far away
302s jump oh i'm hitting why
304s i'm like my character doesn't jump
333s holy [ __ ]