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0s they're not mics no they do they do
2s go on game chat go to game chat oh
6s hello yo no way chica hi how are you oh
10s my god i watch your videos every day
27s oh
43s okay no pressure okay
47s okay
48s that was very soon to say oh did you
51s just
52s wait ice cream cone
54s what does the ice cream come with it
56s like floppers
71s i never
84s uh
97s thank you i appreciate that there's a
98s whole squad outside by the way
102s just be careful okay
116s okay one
118s two
120s ah
123s let's go
126s yeah
136s that's what i'm telling them but they
137s don't listen to me
141s hey
148s wait if you guys don't mind me asking
150s how how old are you guys they keep
152s coming
153s on top of the billboard okay
155s now they just fully went and they didn't
157s sleep
159s all right let me let me let me pick up
160s royalty
162s wait can you say how old you are again
164s sorry i couldn't
166s 12 okay
169s yo all
178s [Music]
183s let's go live right now
187s okay you gotta tag me okay when you post
189s the the videos you gotta talk about
191s ice cream it gives you like super high
193s towers
194s are you serious
196s do you think this is the time for me to
199s all right
200s can i say maybe later later maybe yeah
202s yeah if we win or something i'll let you
204s shout out your tick tock okay
208s okay i'm not even gonna lie you're crazy
221s we're gonna kill this guy that's like
223s running away from us and we're gonna win
224s this game
228s i said i said if we win the game i was
230s gonna add it you know
232s so we got to win this game
234s watch out there's a guy in uh with you
236s in the truck
239s oh my god he's trying to kill me
246s wait that's it
248s nice nice one more
251s where's this guy
255s last guy has royalty with him
257s come here come here come here
259s royalty and mako you guys want to come
261s here so uh we have uh we can chill
263s actually pronounced right right let's go
266s so we can all
282s actually not bad
289s wait did he die
291s wait he didn't die he's one shot thank
293s you why he did die to me he did die
296s thank you wrestling resting resting on
298s me on me resting
300s double rest
303s let's go
305s pika be careful
308s clip it clip it
310s come here you go upstairs
323s she caught me
329s what
330s in the just happened
335s i don't even know what just happened
337s no don't mean video set don't be upset
339s listen i play with chicken for a reason
341s he's gonna clip it and clap them yeah
342s see boom dead see that now he needs to
344s kill two more
348s please
372s you're so much better
377s please you go use your splashes
386s stop trolling
388s chico i love you i love you you're
389s literally the best um
404s that's very sweet of you right here
417s [Music]
426s i got this guy
430s no he's behind me
433s oh i thought that was you
435s chico
455s [Music]
464s okay you want to hit me with that again
471s oh my god we just shot the 30 bro
474s yep go ahead please go follow my ticket
476s off my ticket
484s i just send you a friend request ggs

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