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0s anyways chad if you guys are watching
2s we're going to be playing a
4s normal match where if you guys end up
8s killing me you guys are going to get
10s 2800 b bucks we're gonna do this
12s multiple times it's the person that
14s kills me okay you can do it with a
15s shotgun whatever just land on me pick
17s ask me would you win 2800 bucks i am
19s gonna hide the screen just so i can find
21s some sort of mobility to a high and see
24s if i can last for
26s longer than a minute i'm going to be
28s having pursued as my duo me and her are
31s gonna dress the same you guys are not
32s gonna see
33s until i start the match what we're
35s dressed like we're gonna address the
37s same she's going to be might be my decoy
39s and we're gonna try to hide from 98
41s people but i do can fight back so if i
44s end up having a gun and you land on me i
46s will shoot you and kill you i have 98
48s people trying to kill me okay
52s okay we have to do this all right three
54s two one they know
57s they know by the way
58s run
61s i know they know that we know that they
63s know that now
65s should it please
66s please someone they need to
68s [Music]
70s he's my job
73s i'm running
74s i'm running right underneath me please
76s let me out
78s please
79s at the bottom at the bottom
82s come here and i have a vehicle come to
84s me come to me come to me pick
92s i'm gonna get in your vehicle i'm
93s getting in your vehicle come back to me
95s come back to me
113s oh my god you just got me killed
117s he won who wasn't your husky asking you
120s jeez you are divorce driver
123s you have someone else in the car with
125s you you are the worst driver you didn't
127s even boost to the street
130s i'm leaving here i'm leaving i'm leaving
131s i'm searching screen
133s i don't have a dingo okay oh well give
135s me a go go go go
138s turn into your screen oh man you want me
141s run
150s this is so scary they're rifting
153s cheaters
155s they're cheating they're rifting
159s go go go go to let that go
164s wait go go on top of the building
171s you're supposed to protect me
173s where are you
179s jesus
180s protect it he's in front of you good
184s option his name is wait his same is good
186s option good option one
188s djs ma'am yo they riff so fast chill i
192s thought we need a plan we need a pet we
194s can't even
196s we can't even we can't even last for a
199s minute i think i have a plan
202s you trust me
203s i have a plan
206s what do you do i have a plan what is it
209s me and you
212s hide
214s in a bush
217s which that's that's that's not good i
220s have a plan
221s you ready
224s um
225s we're making this pickaxe only
228s okay
229s that ain't going to help i'm just going
231s to keep it straight
233s but it's going
235s to at least i won't get shot from the
237s sky okay
239s okay start it go go not the greatest
242s plans we ever had
245s chulita
251s there's someone on me already i had to
253s do this they have to pick axis why is
255s the person shooting
257s that's me oh
259s um
262s why is this person shooting they have to
263s pickaxe me
265s it's pickaxe
273s hiding in the bush was not the greatest
275s no is someone with me someone's with me
277s someone's with me okay run run and reach
280s you let that run run down no
285s just don't even look back
287s just you don't even want to look back
290s ah someone hit me with a guy that's
293s jeez
296s you sprint you sprint
300s ah someone just sniped me that's so
302s exciting
304s that they're just cheating right now
310s hey
311s i'm running
312s i'm running they're cheating they're
314s cheating they're hitting me with cars
316s i'm using this rock
319s i'm using this
323s duck he doesn't get the points either
327s we gotta do it again
329s someone hit me with the car okay i'm
331s gonna go down there i'm gonna get
332s shields with you okay but we have to run
335s and hi
336s where
338s [Music]
344s [Music]
351s oh i know i hear them
352s some behind me
354s i know they're all around me
357s come to me
359s i'm with you i'm waiting i'm landing on
360s you i'm going to be landing on you in
361s three
362s two why are people killing each other
365s i'm lying
367s please drive better run run run run run
369s run run baby the police drive the game
371s is so
373s laggy
376s it's so laggy
378s [Music]
379s there's so many people
382s [Applause]
385s the game is rubber band
388s you run out of gas in this game so you
390s need a second plan come on second plan
392s think think
395s you're going to the gas station
398s dude is so laggy
400s okay gas station you forgot to put gas
404s oh no please don't don't no no no no
408s get out of the car run
409s run
411s where are you running are you with me
419s oh my god
426s can get me
428s done
429s then i can get me down
431s what
434s okay okay ding
438s i'll see you later my friend
441s [Music]
443s please let me go on top of here
453s oh my god
455s that big actually in the zip line
459s yo whoever wins this deserves it
461s unless i get shot by yeah buy a car like
464s that that's so dumb
468s where's the car
478s [Music]
481s g assault jarvis
485s gg he actually did it perfectly

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