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6s this is my first time seeing this
13s you can ride wolves
16s no way
18s no that's back
21s bro i stayed off freaking twitter just
23s to like watch this
26s is that a
29s sushi you can ride wolves
32s i need to land right now and go ride a
34s wolf or whatever that was let's go buy
36s the battle pass okay give me all of it
39s i listen season 3 it's the season
43s because it's the only season that i
44s haven't forgotten to use my code if that
47s means something
49s first time i'm going to use my own code
51s man oh she's actually pretty cute not
53s gonna lie oh this is what we saw in the
56s trailer
57s the two weapons this is actually cute
61s i'm gonna use it my mom made me wear a
63s dress like this when i was young a big
65s fluffy
66s dress like this it was really really hot
69s in puerto rico i remember that like it
72s was yesterday i don't understand why she
74s did that
82s oh my god there we go
85s now we're talking now give me
88s more of this fortnite
91s yes
93s okay a dragon with different styles
96s gracia
99s i i say school a martial arts expert
102s seeking photo control of the storm part
104s of this oh what i mean i am a stone
106s fighter if you guys have seen
108s me my gameplay it either consists of two
111s things one time to fall damage
114s constantly or
115s being in the storm 24 7. so i feel like
120s this guy and i are gonna see a lot of
122s each other because
124s i'd be healing in the storm
127s i'm still waiting for them to make a gun
130s wrap that is the same as my favorite one
132s i haven't switched my gun wrap in like
135s two years where it changes colors every
138s single time you shoot and they haven't
140s like really brought it back
145s okay is it cooler than the dragon
147s huh okay it's pretty cool i would say
150s second coolest slider
154s you know what this is the best battle
156s pass ever can he say i am your father
159s okay he doesn't say that okay that was a
160s pretty cool that was a pretty cool
163s you know battle pass and stuff so my
166s favorite outfit
168s has to be this guy
171s he has so many edits oh
175s what
177s it can be a sushi a tomato head
181s oh a brush oh there's so many
184s there's so many things you can do with
186s it let's go check out the map do not
188s talk to me human i have a mission
191s a mission
192s to go to the other side of the map and
195s see
196s what this is about oh tree
199s is everything purple on your screen guys
201s or should i be worried
204s mushroom
205s so i get shield from the mushrooms
207s oh that's so cool wait the first thing i
209s gotta do
210s priority number one
214s go
215s go
216s go
218s get him go go go
223s go go
232s they see me rolling
234s they're hitting
235s patrolling trying to catch me right in
237s dirty drowning i got your mirror okay
239s i'm so sorry i'm so sorry you can't farm
242s while you're on top of this
245s i'm never getting out of this
250s oh you can go
251s go faster go faster jump
255s he continues going he doesn't die but
258s this is the best rotation i've ever seen
260s in my entire life
264s whoa
266s whoa whoa whoa whoa
272s did you just see my okay you know what
275s we're gonna talk about that later not
277s right now
279s this is so
281s cool oh
284s you can build
286s oh this thing is the best you can farm
289s and build with it
291s off
292s my boomba
293s get off my pumbaa
303s does this mushrooms give you health
305s they do
307s wow the more you learn i need to get a
309s kill with this
311s oh
313s there's no way you're trying to kill me
315s while i have this
317s no come here pumbaa i shall save you
334s what
347s no he has
352s no he had that gun the auto shotgun and
355s i had was reloading unlucky what are the
358s roller coaster this one
361s they actually made it the entire time
365s like the entire thing be like
367s a summer vibe type of map
370s wait
371s can you fly through these yeah you can
373s this is back in the day tilted right
375s damn this hasn't been so long in the
377s game that i remember when this was in
379s the game hamlins and daquan were
381s streaming you can get into the actual
383s ball and ride the roller coaster
390s i can't believe the ball is there
398s the whole party over here
401s this is actually pretty cool
405s bunch of tvs
410s oh okay
413s oh man
420s i thought both of them are fighting me
421s it's actually the same
423s i really need to play builds more
428s where's his mana i think he's above me
430s just waiting
433s the heck is this
437s you sell anything
439s oh you gave me minnie
441s you're such a sweetheart
444s okay
446s this is not good
448s actually not bad
451s i have no match
454s i just
455s almost killed her oh yeah i did
458s no man i didn't land right here to get
461s the ballas i'm just trying to go for it
463s freaking right okay i never can get the
465s ballast man
467s come on oh yeah again
469s no i saw the ball
471s no
473s aha
474s okay now i can go for a ride
477s oh damn it
479s ah
484s okay now i'm happy
491s are you so slow
492s ah
495s yay
496s you see me rolling the hating
500s patrolling trying to catch you riding
502s dirty this is nice this is worth all
504s those deaths
505s i need a gun just in case i'm gonna see
507s if i can get the slurpee truck that's
509s what's right there but i did see a guy
514s yeah i didn't see him
519s i don't have anything okay
524s yeah i didn't have anything he had the
525s double auto with it
528s i guess they don't care about having fun
530s and they really are just going for the
533s victory royale

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